Thursday, December 16, 2010

dying for...

...a dog. I think I've looked at the humane society's website 3 or 4 times today, really.  I miss having the company of a dog around, they are always so happy and loving, and the best are when they are snuggly. I really wish I could get one right now, and the apartment I'm in allows them, but when I have to move again in august who knows if i'll be able to find a place that allows dogs (that's also in my price range).

I keep telling myself that I can wait till I'm graduated, but that's going to be a few years yet and that seems like such a long time. Oh well, I guess that's just more incentive to get it over with, right?

I still have my dream of having a puppy and bunny being best friends, of course, but now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have a doggie of my own in a few years.

p.s. don't tell my dad. he'll just tell me that if i want to be around a dog i can always move back home.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ZCMI christmas windows

Does anyone remember the old ZCMI christmas window displays that were made entirely of candy? I was thinking about christmas memories from my childhood and I think that may be one of my favorites. I adored going shopping with my Mom downtown and looking in those magical candy windows. We'd have so much fun and then we'd go down to the basement level that had all the candy and she'd buy me some cherry sour balls, or that candy mix that had boston baked beans (is that what they're called?). I really miss those windows! Throngs of people would be squished in front trying to get a glimpse of the candy wonderlands.

I was so sad when I got to work today and tried to google image pictures of the windows but with every word combination I came up with I couldn't find any pictures. So I'll just have to hold on the memories and hope that I don't forget them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Time

Here is my small, 3 foot table top pre-lit, fake christmas tree (If you look really closely to the middle you can kind of see a brown thing with a red spot, that's the cute reindeer ornament my biggest sis gave me). And despite it's size and faux-ness I still love it. This is pre decorations of any kind, and my roomie has sweet-a lights from the 50s that look kind of like candles but they are diff. colors and they bubble; but you have to watch them so they don't over heat. I'm pretty sure christmas time is the best time of year. Snuggling with Hot C, Christmas trees, candy canes, christmas movies, presents (giving and getting of course, especially giving this year!) and all the people spending lots of money at the crew, and everyone's cheery attitude!

So far I haven't participated in many christmas activities, but I hope that will soon change. Since I don't have that awesome of a christmas tree this year I'm going to the parents house this thursday to help the decorate their real, big, awesome smelling tree! I'm pretty excited because we have some killer decorations from who knows when and even some that my mom made in the late 70s that are just classic. Don't worry I'll take pictures.
Then I plan to watch many a christmas movies, and this is a must since the boyf is very unfamilliar with pretty much any christmas themed anything (he does know some christmas time songs though).
Christmas movie list:
-Elf (possibly a few times?)
-It's a Wonderful Life (this is probably the only one that can be omitted if we run out of time. it's a classic but i have seen it too many times to count)
-Christmas Story
-Frosty the Snowman (my niece and nephew will help with this one)
-Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (claymation version. the kids will also help with this one)
-National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
-The Holiday (love Jack Black in this movie. I'm so positive that his character in this movie is just like he is in real life because he's so the best in this movie. Seriously, if I was not with boyf, and jack black wasn't married with kids, i could see a future there.)
-Love Actually (this is possibly the best christmas movie ever, I obv own it and am not opposed to several viewings throughout the year)
-About a Boy (I suppose you could say this is not a christmas movie, but his dad wrote a famous christmas song which is even played in the movie, and the movie has two christmases in it, both major moments in the main characters life. needless to say this is one of my most favoritest movies)
I suppose that's all for the list and if I add one more boyf might never want to celebrate christmas again.
As far as other christmas activities go, we have our family christmas party of course, which is always so fun. and probably other parties that will spring up a long the way. I would say ice skating, but i'm okay going without it this year. although it's entirely possible that i'll get dragged into it. I don't mind it, but it's kind of like sledding, so fun for a minute and then you're cold, and you get snow somewhere it doesn't belong (or in the case of ice skating, you fall down hard, someone runs into you, and your feet start to hurt). although, hot c and snuggling often accompany ice skating. so i guess it's give and take.

Mostly I'm super excited for boyf's christmas present this year. We have a $ limit, which was really hard for me at first. I tend to go overboard when giving to boyf (see last christmas and birthday. for real) so I had originally settled on something nice, but kind of boring (and I'm not going to say what it was just in case he reads this and is disappointed I picked something else). But then I had this brilliant idea and it truly is such a good idea! And I know he'll be super surprised. He thinks he knows one of his presents, and he might, but it's also a pretty good one so that's okay. But there is no way in a million years he'll guess his others, so Christmas morning is going to be so fun! Can't wait, and I tell him this a lot lately. Hopefully I'm not blowing it up too big, but I don't think I am. :)

Also, I finally took a pic of my fuzzy, extremely warm red blanket that is so big for my bed I have to fold it up all over it so that it's not touching the ground.

it's also getting everything red and fuzzy, but oh well. it was worth it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

So Thurs was Thanksgiving which is probably one of the greatest holidays of the year. I love the food, time with family, not having to work all that good stuff.

This year, right after leaving my parents house Jason and I hustled down to Target to wait in line for some crazy deals. I've never participated in the whole black friday insanity (except for working on black friday, being an employee) and it was definitely something I will never forget. I wish my phone hadn't died because I would have taken pictures of us all bundled up and freezing our toes off! It was so cold that night, and I definitely learned a lesson in preparedness; if we go again next year we will be bringing a tent, heater, extra hot chocolate as many blankets that we can fit in the tent and a lappy to watch a movie on.

Needless to say, since we arrived at 11 pm (store opened at 4 am) we were pretty close to the front of the line and we were able to get all that we came for! yay! This year Target had a 40" tv for under $300! crazy! I thought that people would be slightly civilized but the people behind us in line were ridiculous. They were pushing people's carts out of the way trying to get ahead (mind you the people behind us were only maybe 12 in line, maybe? like i said, we were pretty close to the front). Oh well.
So, we picked up two of the tvs, an awesome fuzzy, really fuzzy, soft blanket (king size for $20! I almost didn't get it, but I don't have a blanket that's larger than a twin size, and now when jason and I snuggle watching a movie we can both fit under the blanket!) I also picked up some computer speakers for 12! it was pretty sweet.

What was not so sweet? going to bed at 5:15 am, waking up 3 hours later for a 10 hour work day, and then staying up the next night (last night, friday) till 1:30ish, and waking up early for another long work day. So basically I'm exhausted and could fall asleep any minute, truly.

I'll be posting pics of the blankie later. I so love it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I just heard some awful news. Fringe is being moved to Friday nights!! And you of course all know why this is awful, I mean can it last on Friday nights?

This is so sad to me because I'm just barely really getting into the show and I hate it when a series I love is over, whether it be tv shows, movies or books. After it's over and I've reached the end I definitely feel a small hole that it has left in my heart/life.

I really do love the show though, and all the characters, even Joshua Jackson! (which, if you didn't know, was on the awful dawsons creek, and was such a lame-a, but now he's cool - good turn around J.J.). I love Walter, he's so funny, and truly lovable. Seriously, whenever he is sad I could cry right then and there. Then I love Olivia because she's smart, and I think she's so beautiful. If I had to be a blonde I would want to be her. Also, the plot lines are so fascinating, and I always catch myself thinking about the show at some random time. It's got that X-files-y feel to it, but I kind of like it better. My problem with X-files was that it seemed like a lot of times Mulder(sp?) and Scully were chasing after something that, when they finally got the answer, couldn't be proved to anyone but themselves or something. Like, there wasn't a good resolution to the issue of the episode, and it just added to the big question(s). Whereas with Fringe there are some resolutions, they do save people, and all of that, while still adding and building up to something bigger. I just like it, and I hope that Friday doesn't kill it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time for Hot C

Well, it's definitely time to be breaking out the Hot C every night (especially when you're radiators aren't on when you'd like them to be). It has been hot c weather for quite some time now but I'm just now starting to realize how much I want some every night and day. I'm also constantly craving steamed eggnog. They have it at starbucks, but it's just milk and eggnog so why not just make it at home instead of spending $3 every time I want some? I tried to make it the other day stove top and while it warmed it up nicely it wasn't all frothy like when you get it from starbucks.

The conclusion I've come to is that I desperately need a cocoa latte machine, or a cocomotion. I found this (Back to Basics® Cocoa Latte™ Hot Drink Maker - Brushed Chrome)
at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I thought about just telling my mom that I wanted it for christmas, or hoping that boyf would pick up on hints but i'm considering just getting one myself. I'm not sure that I want to wait till christmas. And although I can't really afford to be buying things for myself that aren't groceries maybe I can justify it somehow.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Gross

I'm so gross lately. Really. Just about every day when I'm thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner I get this craving for cheeseburgers and fries. It's this weird salty craving that I just can't get rid of. I really try to not give in, but sometimes it just doesn't work. I feel so gross though that all I want are cheeseburgers and fries. Why is this?

By the way, I'm totally not adverse to the occasional burger when you're with friends or the boyf. and are starving and need a quick bite, or if you have a gift card to a place (like carls jr.). I think that's tots fine! But when I'm thinking about making dinner tonight (while I'm at work supposed to be doing work) and all I can think of that sounds good is burgers and fries I think that means I have a problem.

I think what really bothers me is worrying that if I give in then I'll turn into one of those gross people who eat out at McDonald's all the time and has to start wearing sweat pants around and inevitably they've just let it all go and they hardly wash their hair and it has nasty comb-like marks in it from the grease. And THEN when I'm 35 (and people think I'm in my late 40s) I'll have nasty long hair with feathered bangs that I only wash once a week and I've ended up with fast food smelling B.O.

man, am I just terrible or what?

Friday, November 5, 2010

i am the new black

just checked this gem out from the library. i heart tracy morgan so much. and i thought that maybe i just liked his character on 30 rock, but i did some research and it turns out that a lot of the characters plot lines are inspired by his real life. so, like, that diabetes episode, yeah something like that actually happened. and no, someone didn't dress up as a witch and try to scare him into eating veggies but you get the idea.

baby vizsla

Saw this on lol dogs today. this is exactly what little csucsie (choochie) looked like as a puppy. soooo cute. i miss those days so much. I've really been having goggie/puppy withdrawals lately and can't wait till i'm able to have one of my own!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, i missed it

Oh tv how i missed you! I missed your late night Family Guy episodes, House reruns (episodes that were still good), Supernatural, Chuck, even the morning news (especially since i don't bother much to keep up on news which i know is bad). Boyf. is so great and got me a converter box. And it may seem like some small feat but it most definitely is not! I love surprises, and when Boyf. walked into the room toting the antenna and little black converter box i immediately lit up! I knew right away what it was and I was so excited!

Now don't get me wrong, i don't need tv to live, but sometimes it's nice to watch a little show, even if it's a seinfeld rerun (which isn't a bad thing at all) while i'm eating breakfast or lunch or something.

don't pretend like you don't feel the same way. and please don't tell me how pathetic i am to be excited to have tv and don't tell me how much more full your life is without it. i know i sound like a media whore, but i'm not. my life is full of other activities (just don't ask about them ;))

what i should have been..

uh, perfect halloween costume. too bad it's too late and i'm so broke i can't even buy a white apron! But, i should have dressed up as the lovely Flo from the progressive commercials! I pretty much love her.
UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm gonna be tampering with the blog for the next little while so hang tight. I just wasn't happy with the header and until i've decided what i want i may just have it as this autumny orange. I kind of like it actually.

In the past i have changed the header picture by season, which i liked but didn't really go with the theme or the title of my blog (although, i'm not really sure what does). So, we'll see what happens.


My roommate has a silly kitteh named Qbert; and he really is quite silly. Anyhow, he loves being petted and given attention. Here is Brad giving him much needed attention since Courtney (roommate and respective owner of Qb) is out of town.
it's kind of dark in the picture, but somehow they both ended up on the floor, Qb on top.

silly things i see

I saw this oversize guy sitting on a pocket bike the other day. I just had to whip out my phone for a picture. Unfortunately he saw me. So i had to wait until he was driving away but i still got a snap shot of it. It's funny because i just barely watched a movie with some friends where a guy rode one and before then i had never even heard of one. Probably because they are the most ridiculous things ever. and you can see why.

first halloween party

I say first because I'm going to another but that's probably it, just two. My sister has a halloween party every year and it's really fun. This year we all committed to dressing up and my fabulous mother made me a poodle skirt. So Jason and I dressed up as 50s high schooler-types. Of all the pictures taken I felt that only one so far was acceptable and only barely. Jason's just so cute that I decided to put it up anyway. Maybe the second party will yield more acceptable pictures.
as cute as boyf is, he sure does have a gnarly farmers tan. but, maybe that just helps showcase his fab arms. yes? i think so.

Friday, October 22, 2010

fuzzy old lady hair

Why do all old ladies have that awful helmet of fuzzy, poorly dyed hair? (I know that not all do, but i truly can not think of a single "old" lady i know that doesn't have it. and by old i mean, 70+). Actually, that's not true, I have noticed some older women that don't have fuzzy hair but it's only because they have it really, and i mean really short. Maybe I'm just being horribly stereotypical right now but it's just weird. Why does it happen? Is there some weird biological thing that makes hair change when you reach a certain age? Even the old ladies that have long hair have weirdly fuzzy hair. I really hope that this is not something that every woman has to face in life. I guess it boils down to "chop it off or be fuzzy!"

this is an example of what i mean. unfortunately her hair is a brilliant white and therefore you can not truly grasp the fuzzy-ness of it but i know that you do all have a picture in your head of what i'm talking about!

maybe i'll just buzz my head and wear fabulous hats and brightly colored wigs a la katy perry all the time.

Fall Break

Last week was fall break for the U and I'm not a student but Jason is, so he had the week off from school and we took advantage of that! Our friend Mel's fam has a cabin down at Fish Lake so we went and stayed for a few days. It was so nice, and relaxing to not have to think about real life things like work and just ask ourselves what movie we wanted to watch and when we wanted to take a nap. It was pretty sweet. And since it is fall it was absolutely gorgeous! The aspen leaves were just turning bright yellow and the weather was that really great crisp fall weather when it's nice and sunny but still cool. I just loved it! I took a few pics, not as many as i should have (of course. i have a freaking iphone so why can't i take more pictures? i really need to work on that).
It was pretty chilly on this walk and my jacket didn't have a hood so we shared. and while i think it's a cute picture i can't help but notice how extra chubby my face looks. bah!
This was one of the best pictures i took while there. you can see the lake immediately behind and the sky's clear and bright blue, this was the weather the whole time. awesome!

I had a really great time, and I was lucky to spend it with Jason and our great friends Mel and Brad. Thanks for a great vacation guys!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been wrestling with myself about the weird trend that is the clog. I've so confused myself about it. When I first heard of the clog coming back I thought it was the most awful, 50 year old woman comfort shoe being restyled for YA (young adult aka teens) 20somethings and beyond. I couldn't believe it! They all looked so awful. And then everyone started wearing them (well not people that I actually know, and no jcrew doesn't carry them (yet) but madewell the sister company does) but every fashion forward celebrity did. And then I was like, well I guess if I found the pair for me I'd be okay with it, plus they just seem comfy although I'm sure many are not. THEN I was looking on anthro's site and saw they had a whole category dedicated the clogs. really, a whole category. And I suppose it doesn't really surprise me that they sell them but having a whole category. I guess the clog is here and here to stay for sometime. But don't worry I haven't found a pair worthy for these feet. Besides there are shoes, clothes, accessories much MUCH higher on my list of wants than a clog.

and yes, this was post worthy. also, I saw a lot of post worthy items on anthro's site, but I'm really working to steer clear of doing things that might tempt me to spend money on not groceries. (and yes, I realize that I was looking at their website, but you know, baby steps. PLUS I did not try on a very, super, adorable skirt that got returned to work today)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween is coming!!

So Halloween is fast approaching and I've decided I'm going to be something different than tinkerbell. So I've been searching online hoping to find something that sparks my eye. Plus, I have to keep in mind an outfit for Jason because I like it when we can dress as a couple. yes, I am that cheesy girlfriend.

I am super picky though. I refuse to be something ugly or gross. I don't know, I just have this thing where I have to be as cute as I can all the time, which includes halloween. I know it's silly because I'll only be around friends and blah blah blah, but that's just some complex thing that I have. We all have issues, this is one of mine.

Anyway, back to Halloween...I've been liking the idea of dressing up as flappers. It'd be easy for him, just a suit, flashy tie and maybe a fedora-type hat if we could find a cheap one. I'd just have to find a dress for me. Target has a few to choose from that aren't too bad. Then I was thinking we could do 50s and that might be fun. It'd be easy for him, some jeans rolled up a bit, white tee tucked in, a pack of cards rolled up in his sleeve, you know to look like a pack of cigs. anyway. those are my thoughts for now. I'll prob head over to Joanns tomo to see if I can get a pattern for a flapper dress or poodle skirt for cheaper than target. Mom is amazing with a sewing machine and I'm pretty sure she'd help me out there.

Opinions? what are you dressing up as for Halloween??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

new discovery, maybe best yet?

Marilee clued me in to this website, and I'm pretty sure my life is a LOT better having found this site, especially since I've been having bunny/doggie withdrawals lately. Go here for a daily bunny photo!!!

this is prob my fav i've seen on the site, second is prob the one with the bunny sitting in a high chair. too cute. it'll be really hard on saturday when i go to the state fair to not bring one home.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog header

I found this painting of pilgrims online and i just absolutely loved it. I'm not all high tech, and I can't figure out how to scale it down, so I'm not sure if I'm okay with the hugeness of it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Urban Outfitters

Okay, so i know that it seems like i am the most materialistic girl ever because i always post things that i want, but this time i have some credit to this store, so naturally i was browsing to see what i should use it on.

I have had a love hate relationship with urban outfitters, and still do. sometimes i just can't get into their stuff and then sometimes, such as this summer, i get (pres from the boyf) an adorable dress that i love so much and it falls apart, literally while i'm wearing it. yeah, sucky. but i took it back and now have some credit to use. these are a few things that i love from there right now. unfortunately my credit won't cover all of probably any of these things (because i used some of it for something else) and seeing as how i'm on the strictest of strict budgets who knows when i'll ever get to use the credit. but i can still like these things.

Matiko Studded Leather Flat (some of the pics are small because i couldn't save the larger image, so you'll have to look past the tinyness of the photo)

Minnetonka Triple Fringe Boot
Seychelles Marguerite Heel (i've gotten into heels lately. I sold all but one pair of mine last year cause i never wore them but now i want more)
We Who See Fringe Boot (Mel bought this pair last year and I loved them on her, and again small pic)
Sparkle and Fade Ruffle Top Romper (i love rompers, how cute is this, it could be worn with tights under for fall/winter and then go into spring and summer alone)
Urban Renewal Johann Alice Dress
Urban Renewal Johann Lacy Luck Dress
Yeah, i want these things. sooo cute. all from urban.

I heart Veronica and Logan

I am so completely obsessed with Veronica Mars. I just barely finished the first season last night after a few days of watching and just barely picked up the second season today. I love pretty much every boy in the show. Logan, who is adorable and hilarious and love love love. Then there's Leo who is a dreamy dreamboat, a police officer (hello uniform? although not my fav uniform, but still) and i love love love and adore him. Wallace is so cute, at first i wanted them to have some sort of fling, but i now realize he is better of as her bro, but that doesn't mean i find him any less lovable! Weevil was definitely my first veronica mars love. he's part of a biker gang, so there's the bad boy thing going, he's very witty and again, so lovable. i do have to admit that i was never a duncan fan. i dislike the name, and he's just a lame character, he always has this distracted look on his face, like, he doesn't have a single intelligible thought running through his head. yeah, i'm so obsessed. and it's such bad timing because i just got the third installment of the hunger games series, Mockingjay. so i'm trying to balance the two and i'm halfway through mockingjay so i guess i'm doing okay but i function much easier when i only have one thing to obsess over besides the boyf. (cause he takes up much of my obsession time)

if you didn't figure it out that's logan and veronica in the pic above.

Monday, August 23, 2010


it's been a while since i've blogged so i feel like i should do an update.

Since my last blog I've moved a third time, (it's such a freaking long story you probably shouldn't ask). And with moving a third time my roomie and i had to find someone to take over our lease for our old place. This has probably been the most stressful thing that's happened in my life (well second, i can definitely think of something before this). Our landlord was crazy and since he had us signed on a lease he could be as picky as he wanted about getting new tenants. it was abso-freakin-lutely ridiculous. so for august i paid rent on two apartments, which brings me to the next update. I'm so broke it's not even funny. I don't think i've ever been this broke before (well actually i have, but it didn't matter then) and it's kind of weird. part of me is a little freaked out about it, but the other part of me knows that in the end everything will be okay. i mean, i can always make more money and it's not like i have anyone depending on me so i think it'll all be okay. although i won't be going out to eat anytime soon (so don't ask for restaurant recommendations).

also, school started today. hooray, or not. i thought i was going to kill someone at the bookstore today it was so crowded and packed. why did everyone have to be like me and wait till the first day of school to buy their books? and one of my books isn't at the store yet, and that's never happened to me before. but it's a book i desperately need. so i guess i'll be hanging out at the library for a while tomorrow using the copy on reserve. I did decide to order a copy from amazon, and it's about $20 cheaper so that's a plus, but it'll be a while before it's here.

in other news i can't decide whether to have my next comp. be a macbook or an ipad (not that i will be purchasing one in quite a while, like, not till next spring or probably summer). i wasn't an ipad fan at first but then i realized that it does everything a computer does. and even though i spend countless hours at work looking at the apple website drooling over the macbooks, and flipping through the ads for them on ksl i'm wondering if an ipad might be the better, and cheaper, purchase for me. of course, i'd have to get one of the 3g ones, and i'd have to get the accessories (like the keyboard and stand). but i really like that you can sign up for internet whenever you want, you don't have to create an account for it and it lets you know when you're getting close to reaching your limit and if you need to upgrade. probably the only thing i'm not sure about it is that i have an iphone and would my getting an ipad make my iphone obsolete? because it will do everything my iphone does except call and text. maybe i should wait till my contract is up in a year and then downgrade before i get an ipad? or should i just save up a few more hundred dollars and get the macbook? i don't know. i just don't know. i'd love any and all opinions on this matter.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to School

School starts in about a month and besides some notebooks and pens and pencils I'm in need of a few more things. Namely, rain/snow boots and a book bag. (also a lappy, but that's not gonna happen).
I've picked out a few choice bags and boots that I'd love the have. The boots are from j.crew or madewell and even though I could get some kind of a discount I feel like rain boots should be cheaper. but I still love these ones.
below are the Aigle Short-shaft Rubber Boots.

Next are the Isle Jacobsen short rain boots
And now for some bags that I wish I could afford. This first bag is from the crew as well but unfortunately I'm unable to get the discount. it's still not terribly expenso but it's hard for me to buy from there without the discount. It's the Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack.
And now for a bit of a repeat, but I STILL haven't stopped drooling over this bag. and once again, if you wish to surprise me with it you can buy it for me here. And I have switched back to wanting the larger size. It is of course the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in Billberry.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Today i decided to use the "next blog" button at the top of the blogger site. my first observation: there are a LOT of bollywood/indian movie blogs out there. really, i was shocked to find that in an hour of blog surfing probably 75% of the blogs that popped up were themed this way. my other observation is that i'm more prone to seriously browse a blog if it's design is more simple. a lot of blogs had a really intense design, with black backgrounds and gray or lightly colored text which i could hardly read. as soon as i saw one of these blogs i immediately hit "next blog" again.

all in all it was an interesting hour spent blog surfing. i was surprised by what i found, and have discovered two new sites that i will be checking: (designer consignment online. still fairly expensive but i saw a few affordable items), and it was one of the better bollywood/indian movie blogs. it seemed to be mostly a blog about old bollywood actors/actresses. i found it to be interesting. i think that bollywood movies are great, they have great moments where the characters burst into song and i also find that the whole bollywood industry is very interesting.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

you learn something new everyday.

Today i learned that i need to be better at cleaning out my water bottle and not using it for juice. another thing i learned today, crunch bars aren't very good and sometimes, even if you really think you need chocolate, you can wait for something better.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

birthday fun!

So here it is finally, the birthday update. We'll start off in chronological order, which means me first!
i already told you how much fun my birthday was, and of course i didn't take many photos but i did take a few of the awesome dinner we made.
here is the most amazing pizza i think i've ever had and have made a second time already and plan to make it at least an every other week occurrence, it's sooooo simple, really i don't "cook" but i can do this! and not expensive either!
before the pizza we had some delicious crab but i neglected to take a photo of that. and then for dessert we dipped some strawberries in white chocolate and citrus sugar made from orange and lemon peel. i was a little skeptical of how much i would like the strawberries because white chocolate really isn't my fav but they were so good.
For Jason's bday the breakfast food was so great! we went to ruths diner up emigration for breakfast and I had the most delicious cinnamon rolls dipped in vanilla something with maple syrup, pecans, and lemon cream cheese. it was pretty much a dessert.
Jason chose a pork pulled omlette and i'm honestly not sure which was better, his or mine. i have a really hard time when it comes to deciding breakfast food. do i choose something sweet or something hearty? but it's good when you have someone willing to share, then you can have both!
Lunch and dinner were kind of sad, We packed a lunch to take to Red Butte Garden (which wasn't the sad part plus U students get in free!!) and that was fun to see baby ducks in the pond and very pretty flowers as well as an exceptionally brave, very cute squirrel. it was probably the best salsa (thanks Adair) i've ever had or made (although it's really the only salsa i've ever made). and so simple too! Here's a pic of the potato salad i tried to make that didn't turn out too well. the flavors were good but i didn't cook the potatoes long enough so they were almost raw. yum!
Here's a pic of jason eating the oh so yummy salsa!
I didn't take any pics of dinner but it wasn't the greatest either. I was going to take jason to maddox in Brigham City where i've heard they have great meat selections (jason is definitely a carnivore and i like to indulge as well, plus they raise their own meat) but had heard they had a drive thru version in layton and so i though since that would be a lot closer we'd go there. that was probably a mistake, cause it wasn't any better than kfc. Oh well, it's always fun to try new places i suppose. 

All in all i had a great day spending time with the boyf but i have to apologize to him again that the meals (excepting breakfast) weren't so great. although he tells me he didn't care.

To boyf: I'm so glad we got to celebrate another round of birthdays! hopefully there will be many more to come! You're the best and thanks for always taking care of me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

can i just start out by saying that i LOVE june. School's finally over, and it's both mine and the boyfs birthday in june! My birthday was last week and it was so fun, no work and then boyf and i had a great day togeth with lots of yummy cooking! i'll have to post the pics later of the yummy food.

But, i'm most excited for tomorrow. Since boyfs birthday is on a saturday he doesn't have school (since he's taking summer classes) so i get to spend the WHOLE day with him. i always have to savor theses "whole" days because i usually only get to see him for a few hours everyday when it's late at night and we're both all sleepy and just want to go to bed.
And although someone stole most of his presents from my parents front porch that came in the mail i think it will still be a fun day, i do have a couple small presents for him.

i'll definitely be taking pictures throughout the day and eventually post them to show you just how much fun it was!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the one "bad" thing about....

...not being at the parents house is that i no longer have a computer. And it's not all that bad but i can't add music to my iphone and it's sort of driving me crazy. I did have a lappy once upon a time but for some reason i had this great idea to sell it and have yet to get a new one. i have such little music on my iphone and probably everyday i listen to music on youtube either at work or on my iphone (which is nice, except i can't do other things on it at the same time). mostly right now i'm wishing i had all the glee songs. some might say, why not just listen to cds in the mean time, well to answer your question i do not have a cd player. i have a dvd player that is hooked up to the tv but it's not in my room and it's really crappy and can barely even read copied or mixed cds.

right now the music aspect of my life just sucks. and i really don't like that, music is so fun for me and i love finding new bands and outdoing everyone with my music knowledge, it's probably one of the only things that i am truly good at, as far as something that's not "important" (although i scoff at that notion) and i'm afraid that i'm going to lose that. so right now i'm grieving the loss of my lappy, or my parents computer.


I am wanting this dress. can i have it for $40?? i told myself that i would NOT buy anything else because i truly don't need it but in the catalog when the model has it on it's so cute! oh well, i'll just be pining and pining for it until something else comes along.

please someone, anyone, give me one good justification to buy this dress.

Monday, June 7, 2010

more and more lolzzzzzzzz

Okay, so not only is there lolcats, there's the loldogs which is ihasahotdog (very clever if you ask me) and now i've discovered historic lolz. HILARIOUS! absolutely. here's just a sampling, but you can click here to see more!

in real life...

I saw one of the larger longchamp totes in real life, and they are really big. i still like the big one, but i'm wondering if it's too big. a friend from work has the smaller one and she's able to fit a lot in it so maybe the smaller one would be the smarter choice.

Also, i finally fit into the toothpick style of pant at the crew. it's the real skinny legged one, and i mean, it's not amazing on, but it's better than before. it seems like every few weeks i try them on hoping that will be the time they look great on. finally they aren't so bad on, plus they are 60% off, so i ordered them. after this, i'm done shopping. i don't need anything else this summer, so i really shouldn't buy anything. plus i'm poor as a mouse (know what that's from?). a friend from the crew is doing 30 days of no shopping, and it's going on day 17 i think, so if she can do it so can i.

and for one last update, i'm moving, again. yeah, our current place is okay, but the landlord is changing things on us so we just want to leave asap. so this week we are moving into our new place on L street. i'm pretty excited because my room will actually be decent, plus we each get our own bathrooms, and our own washer and dryer, and a shared backyard patio and fire pit. it's pretty sweet.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am dying over this longchamp bag (the larger tote) in billberry. on nordy's site there are 23 comments about it and everyone of them is pretty detailed and long about how great this bag is. i feel a twinge of jealousy every time i see someone with one, and when we were in san fran everyone and their mom was carrying one around!

you can buy one for me here since i'm too poor to buy it for myself, and you can justify it even more since my birthday is coming up. thanks!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Why SLC?

Why can't you have a 'House of Nanking' here? i'm so craving it right now! does anyone have any good chinese restaurant suggestions for slc? i feel like there isn't anything here! and NO panda, thank you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

San Fran!

last week some friends and I went to San Fran for a few days. It was a total blast and I had a great time. Here are some pics from the trip. My fav. things from the trip include, fishermans wharf and the sea lions that i could have watched for hours because they were so entertaining, Lombard Street, Mara's Gelato, House of Nanking and all the restaurants there are to choose from (esp. streetside crab), although that was kind of a pain because we couldn't decide which restaurant to pick.
we drove there, yeah, all the 11ish hours. here is jason driving us into the city looking like a prof. driver (or something) in my cool rayban aviators.
this is us at fishermans wharf. it was so fun. the sea lions were my favorite, and so were all the other people watching them. it was like they were our pets and we kept making up the conversations they were having with each other (you know, like you do, when you have pets).
we saw the bridge a few times and even walked across once. that was pretty fun. and it was so neat when the fog was so thick you couldn't even see the top of the bridge.
this is us at the famous intersection of Haight and Ashbury. we stayed pretty close to here, which is also really close (we were across the street) from Golden Gate Park. We didn't get to spend much time in the park, regrettably. the haight and ashbury area (along with hippy hill at GG park) was interesting. there are a lot of homeless people living there and they are not like the homeless people i'm used to in sl that just quietly ask for money. they are loud, and very confrontational. i didn't like that aspect at all. if you didn't give them money or buy whatever junk they had they would often mumble reallly, super  mean things about you as you passed them by. just ask jason. 

this is us at Lombard street. it was really fun to walk up and down. although, more fun to walk down. it was pretty amazing to see all the people at the top taking pictures of it. and i didn't post it but the other streets at the top show amazing views of the city since it's on a pretty steep hill.
ghiradelli square wasn't amazing but they have two ghiradelli shops and they both gave us yummy samples. i love samples. and then at house of nanking, which was maybe the best food ever! i'm not kidding. i want to go back just for that. and that beef dish is just one of the five we shared. jason of course took pics of all of them but i figured you didn't need to see all of them. this was probably my favorite, well i don't know now. it's so hard to decide. so yummy though.

all in all it was a fun trip. i would like to go back and having been i think i would structure the trip a little differently. i wouldn't stay in the haight ashbury district just to avoid all the uncomfortableness associated with the homeless and creepers. i would spend a little more time in china town, go to coit towers, and eat at house of nanking at least twice. also, not travel on the bus too late at night, or maybe it was just the area.

one night (house of nanking night, actually) we took the bus home pretty late and during our ride home a small gang got on the bus. i of course being the naive 21 year old that i am just thought they were a bunch of drunk teenagers. After they got off the bus jason told me that at least two of them had guns with them and that they tagged the bus as soon as they got off. a couple of police officers got on the bus after them and so that's when i was like uh what's going on and jason proceeded to tell me about the gang. it's very interesting, i've noticed that when i'm in an uncomfortable situation i just sort of ignore everything around me, cause you know, if i can't see it or if i don't really acknowledge it's presence then they aren't there or whatever. maybe i should start to take notice of my surroundings more often.

Friday, April 30, 2010

growing up.

Tomorrow I am signing the lease on my first apartment. I couldn't be more excited! I'll be living with a friend from the library that i've known for quite some time. it's funny because it seems like almost ever since i've worked there and known her, every time any of her leases have been up we've talked about moving in together but it just never worked out until now. we've got a great place on 1st avenue, just behind the einsteins on south temple. it's a big blue building, and the apartment is pretty big and will be comfortable for the two of us.
mostly i just can't believe this is actually happening. i've wanted to move out for quite some time now, and it always seemed like i was doomed to live at home. so as of sometime tomorrow i will officially be an adult, paying rent and buying my own groceries and all of that sort of thing. don't worry though, i'm not completely grown up, i don't have a credit card yet so that's still to come but all in all, pretty exciting!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

tuesday was a sad day.

This past Tuesday I gave away my one and only Pancakes (my bunny rabbit). I'm moving out in a few days and just really couldn't take care of him anymore. you wouldn't think so but my little bunny rabbit was a bit of an expense. So i gave him to a (hopefully) good family that has some bunnies as well as other animals too. Don't worry, i really made sure they know how to take care of bunnies, i specifically asked them if he would be inside but still get to be outside to exercise, if they would feed him fresh fruit and veggies, all that sort of thing, they probably thought i was a nut.
I'm really sad to have him gone, and definitely had my cry, actually i sobbed twice! but i think he's safe and hopefully happy and has made some new bunny friends.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

it's soo close

School is almost out for the semester! I'm done with everything on Tuesday, which means that I'm mad studying (except for now obviously) all today and tomorrow! This semester has been a total drag and I can't wait to get it over with. Starting wednesday i get to sleep in till 8 and i don't have to go on runs in the dark, too early morning. hooray!

Monday, April 19, 2010

1/2 marathon

saturday was the day of the big race. and i finished. my time was 2 hrs 51 min. and i'm not gonna lie that's not so great. my sister in law and her sis were so awesome and finished under 2 hours! i thought that i would be done after this race, really i have told countless people that i will not be doing another race (at least 1/2 marathon) again. BUT now that i've done it, i kind of want to do it again. at the very least i want to be able to beat that whopping 2 hrs and 51 min. so i think i will. but not till the next salt lake marathon, i don't want to do it THAT bad, a year break is a very good sized break, i think.

also, i just bought a bike, it's a very old women's bianchi, but more on that to come later. (once i get a basket and new seat for it i'll show you a pic)

Marais shoes!

 i have discovered these shoes, and pretty much all of them are to die for (except maybe the sneakers but i wouldn't say no to a free pair). Go check them out here
I want the Kitten Heel in cobalt and pink and the Mary Janes in easter, and pretty much all other colors.