Thursday, August 26, 2010

Urban Outfitters

Okay, so i know that it seems like i am the most materialistic girl ever because i always post things that i want, but this time i have some credit to this store, so naturally i was browsing to see what i should use it on.

I have had a love hate relationship with urban outfitters, and still do. sometimes i just can't get into their stuff and then sometimes, such as this summer, i get (pres from the boyf) an adorable dress that i love so much and it falls apart, literally while i'm wearing it. yeah, sucky. but i took it back and now have some credit to use. these are a few things that i love from there right now. unfortunately my credit won't cover all of probably any of these things (because i used some of it for something else) and seeing as how i'm on the strictest of strict budgets who knows when i'll ever get to use the credit. but i can still like these things.

Matiko Studded Leather Flat (some of the pics are small because i couldn't save the larger image, so you'll have to look past the tinyness of the photo)

Minnetonka Triple Fringe Boot
Seychelles Marguerite Heel (i've gotten into heels lately. I sold all but one pair of mine last year cause i never wore them but now i want more)
We Who See Fringe Boot (Mel bought this pair last year and I loved them on her, and again small pic)
Sparkle and Fade Ruffle Top Romper (i love rompers, how cute is this, it could be worn with tights under for fall/winter and then go into spring and summer alone)
Urban Renewal Johann Alice Dress
Urban Renewal Johann Lacy Luck Dress
Yeah, i want these things. sooo cute. all from urban.

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  1. Having credit really does give way to spending more money...
    Sometimes I think I will just slowly add like $5 at a time to store credit, and one day, I can buy whatever I want! It's like a savings account, but I can't use the money for cookies!