Monday, August 23, 2010


it's been a while since i've blogged so i feel like i should do an update.

Since my last blog I've moved a third time, (it's such a freaking long story you probably shouldn't ask). And with moving a third time my roomie and i had to find someone to take over our lease for our old place. This has probably been the most stressful thing that's happened in my life (well second, i can definitely think of something before this). Our landlord was crazy and since he had us signed on a lease he could be as picky as he wanted about getting new tenants. it was abso-freakin-lutely ridiculous. so for august i paid rent on two apartments, which brings me to the next update. I'm so broke it's not even funny. I don't think i've ever been this broke before (well actually i have, but it didn't matter then) and it's kind of weird. part of me is a little freaked out about it, but the other part of me knows that in the end everything will be okay. i mean, i can always make more money and it's not like i have anyone depending on me so i think it'll all be okay. although i won't be going out to eat anytime soon (so don't ask for restaurant recommendations).

also, school started today. hooray, or not. i thought i was going to kill someone at the bookstore today it was so crowded and packed. why did everyone have to be like me and wait till the first day of school to buy their books? and one of my books isn't at the store yet, and that's never happened to me before. but it's a book i desperately need. so i guess i'll be hanging out at the library for a while tomorrow using the copy on reserve. I did decide to order a copy from amazon, and it's about $20 cheaper so that's a plus, but it'll be a while before it's here.

in other news i can't decide whether to have my next comp. be a macbook or an ipad (not that i will be purchasing one in quite a while, like, not till next spring or probably summer). i wasn't an ipad fan at first but then i realized that it does everything a computer does. and even though i spend countless hours at work looking at the apple website drooling over the macbooks, and flipping through the ads for them on ksl i'm wondering if an ipad might be the better, and cheaper, purchase for me. of course, i'd have to get one of the 3g ones, and i'd have to get the accessories (like the keyboard and stand). but i really like that you can sign up for internet whenever you want, you don't have to create an account for it and it lets you know when you're getting close to reaching your limit and if you need to upgrade. probably the only thing i'm not sure about it is that i have an iphone and would my getting an ipad make my iphone obsolete? because it will do everything my iphone does except call and text. maybe i should wait till my contract is up in a year and then downgrade before i get an ipad? or should i just save up a few more hundred dollars and get the macbook? i don't know. i just don't know. i'd love any and all opinions on this matter.

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