Thursday, August 26, 2010

I heart Veronica and Logan

I am so completely obsessed with Veronica Mars. I just barely finished the first season last night after a few days of watching and just barely picked up the second season today. I love pretty much every boy in the show. Logan, who is adorable and hilarious and love love love. Then there's Leo who is a dreamy dreamboat, a police officer (hello uniform? although not my fav uniform, but still) and i love love love and adore him. Wallace is so cute, at first i wanted them to have some sort of fling, but i now realize he is better of as her bro, but that doesn't mean i find him any less lovable! Weevil was definitely my first veronica mars love. he's part of a biker gang, so there's the bad boy thing going, he's very witty and again, so lovable. i do have to admit that i was never a duncan fan. i dislike the name, and he's just a lame character, he always has this distracted look on his face, like, he doesn't have a single intelligible thought running through his head. yeah, i'm so obsessed. and it's such bad timing because i just got the third installment of the hunger games series, Mockingjay. so i'm trying to balance the two and i'm halfway through mockingjay so i guess i'm doing okay but i function much easier when i only have one thing to obsess over besides the boyf. (cause he takes up much of my obsession time)

if you didn't figure it out that's logan and veronica in the pic above.

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  1. Yes! One of the most underappreciated television series there is. I want to be Veronica when I grow up. Fave moment from S1: