Wednesday, January 28, 2009

twenty five

only 25 things about myself?? i can do that.

1)I love love love choco. covered cinnamon bears.
2)I also love junior mints. (i like my treats).
3)I love to shop. I visit jcrew at least once a day.
4)I'm a music snob. If i don't know you well, i'll try to be nice and hold it in, but it's hard.
5)I am obsessed with my niece and nephew. their laughs are probably the greatest things in the world.
6)I am wayy too obsessed with animals. mostly those of the baby-sort. i want, need a bunny. also another dog, one that will snuggle me.
7)I work at a library and absolutely love it, and yes i like to read for all of you who were just about to ask.
8)Arrested Development/Black Books/30 Rock are probably my most fav tv shows ever.
9)you'd think i would like Psyche, but i don't. i loathe it.
10)sushi is my fav. tokai is my fav sushi place.
11)although i don't wear it a ton, i love makeup. love bare essentuals(they spell it weird, so don't know if that's right) and mac.
12)I love to travel, although i've been few places i adore it. i miss NYC. miss miss miss.
13)I love and hate school. mostly hate.
14)I can't wait to move out.
15)I don't day dream(but when i do, it's about moving out. or having a bunny or dog).
16)I can't wait to have kids, someday.
17)I love shoes, someday i'll own some jimmy choos or manolos. someday.
18)five of my friends have birthdays the same month as i do, spooky i know.
19)I love facial hair (on guys).
20)I also love glasses on guys. do you have facial hair and glasses? then you're probably hot
21)absolutely need cable. and tivo.
22)love teasing my nephew, but he's wising up.
23)am pretty sure that if jack black and i met, we'd fall in love. yeah, you know it's true.
24)addicted to diet coke. totally addicted.
25)wish i spoke another language. yeah, i've taken a bit of spanish, but it doesn't really count.
okay. i know i say that i "need something" or "want something" a lot. but seriously. if nothing else, i NEED these. of course, i will never have them. but if someone wanted to surprise me with them they could find them here. although, i suspect i could make them easy enough.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I might have to register as a motor vehicle

Okay, okay. So basically 30 Rock is the greatest show of all time. At least the moments with Tracy Morgan are. Let me paint a hilarious picture for you.

Tracy Morgan is in a doctors office. The doctor tells Tracy he may have something called (debeetes), it turns out he means diabetes. He then tells Tracy that it could become quite serious, in fact, Tracy could lose a foot. Tracy then asks, "Could I replace it(the foot) with a wheel like Rosie from the Jetsons?" The Doctor pats Tracy on the shoulder and says, "Well, then you'd have to register as a motor vehicle."

Pretty intense stuff. Diabetes I mean.

Popsicle necklace?? with sprinkles?? I think so!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I can't wait for Sawyer....I mean Lost to start up again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


so, yeah. i want, and kind of need either of these bags. is there anyone out there that could loan me a few hundred? maybe 5, 6 or 7???


Just so you all know, everyone I have showed the book to has absolutely loved it.

One person also said she felt it applied to chocolate and cats. so, apparently if you are defeated by chocolate or cats, Darwin says the same applies to you. hmmmm.....
I wonder how many things it could really apply to.

Friday, January 9, 2009

all the wrong people have self esteem

Yesterday at the library I happened upon this little gem. I will admit that very few books make me laugh out loud, but while I was reading this at work I couldn't even control myself I was laughing so hard. The whole book is random but also quite brilliant. I highly recommend it.

On one of the pages she has random things she found on facebook and here is one of them that received some out loud laughter:

"People with
Peanut butter allergies
should either die or,
you know, whatever.
Deal with it.
It's called survival
of the fittest,
and if you're going
to be defeated
by peanut butter,
you are not fit,
and Darwin says
you go to Hell."

-just tell me you didn't laugh upon reading that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year and New Goals


A New Year brings new hopes and goals and usually I get a little carried away. This year I want to make resolutions that are worthwhile and not going to be forgotten.

Number One, and always at the top the my list is to SAVE SAVE SAVE my money. I am a shopoholic, and I need to break the habit

Number Two is to work less on Sundays. I need Sundays for church and to rest and wind down and when I work I don't get either of these things.

Number Three is to learn to sew. I am dying to be able to make adorable clothes and to be able to hem my own pants.

Number Four is to take more pictures. I have a fabulous camera but never capture the moments worth remembering.

Number Five is to make sure the important people in my life know how important they are to me (chances are if you are reading this you are one of those people, and I love you!)

Number Six is to get on track with school and finally change my major from art (that I chose about 3 years ago) to Anthro and History.

Number Seven is to fall in love with some outdoor activity. I found out how fun biking can be last year but it was late in the year and I have trouble exercising in winter. But I know I can do it!

I am pretty sure that's more ambitious than I can handle but I am going to try my hardest. I hope your New Years was memorable and that your resolutions are within your grasp!!!