Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life saver

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For all of you out there that don't have my experience with tummy aches I'll let you in on a tummy secret. Reg coke is a tummy life saver. A small can of it and you'll thank me!

One thing

As of right now the only resolution I would like for new years would be to not throw up everytime I get sick. I'm very done with always throwing up. It's all very frustrating.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mac cools goodness

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Yeah for yummy maccools. Boyf. Loved it so much he practically licked his whole fork clean

Sunday, December 27, 2009

First iPhone post

First photo taken. Candid of boyf eating

Thursday, December 24, 2009

what is this new craze!

i guess the world is catching up with my love of mustaches. every where i look there is some new funny mustache thing you can buy. first it was gloves with mustaches on the first finger, then bags with mustaches, then crayons, then mirror decals, and now glasses with them. in no way am i complaining, in fact nothing could be better. the sooner people realize how great facial hair is, the better. in the mean time here are the glasses i found:

Monday, December 21, 2009


isn't christmas the best? it totally is. i think my favorite thing about it is getting a gift for someone you love. i love the rush i get when i find the perfect gift for someone, i just can't wait for them to have it! this year i'm especially excited for giving presents to boyf. it's the first year i've had a boyf over christmas and i got him some good stuff. i'm a somewhat worried that i went a little overboard, but once i started getting him gifts i kind of couldn't stop. i mean, i didn't blow my savings or anything, but definitely some gifts that i thought could wait for later gift-giving times couldn't wait, and now they are wrapped and waiting for him in my room. also, wrapping presents is kind of fun.
this is boyf about to say something embarrassing and i'm trying to stop him, probably. or, it's him about to pretend to bite me, and i'm stopping him.

this is us at a friends wedding.

i don't have many pics of me and boyf together, which is kind of sad, i would love to have some really great pics to the two of us. anyway, he's definitely deserving of some good gifts this christmas and i can't wait to give them to him. i adore you, boyf.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

what is it about mustaches?

what is it about mustaches that make me love them so much? i just have no clue, but i keep finding mustache-themed gems on etsy. todays find: mustache mirror decals. just try to have a bad day when you wake up and look in the mirror and see yourself with a goofy mustache! find them here

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mustache Crayons Complete Disguise

Just doing a little searching on etsy and came across these gems. i truly wish i could spring for these. i would adore them. and if anyone is looking for a last minute cheap gift for moi, i would love you instantly. find them here
(i'm going to post pics and the tagline that comes along with them.)

Dear Secret Agent,

This is the most recent disguise we've created in our recycling lab; the Mustchievous Coloring Device Complete Disguise Pack of 12. This set of crayons, made of recycled non-toxic crayons, is as handy for coloring a bright landscape as it is used as a disguise in the field. Have you ever found yourself coloring when all of a sudden you fear you might be made? Simply hold any of the crayons under your nose and you will automatically blend into your surroundings.

etsy only

dear everyone,

i've made a new goal and yes it's probably going to be the hardest thing i'll ever do. I've decided that for the next 6 months i will only buy my clothes, shoes, accessories etc. from etsy AND each item has to be under $50. that's my goal. and this way, i'll hopefully really think through a purchase before actually purchasing it, and it'll be either something handmade or used. it's always good to support the underdog.

i'm going to admit that i'm kind of excited. there is some really cute stuff there if you take the time to look, and surprisingly cheap too. of course, i'm not just going to go and spend spend spend (hopefully), this is how i will be getting new necessities. for example, if some pants get a hole in them, i'll get my new pair from etsy. make sense? i'm counting on you, dear friends, to hold me accountable for this. i'll need you to check up on me from time to time, and i'll definitely let you know of any purchases.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Golden

I am loving everything from the etsy shop, Dear Golden and right now i wish i could spring for these lovely vintage shoes, too bad they are not my size. anyone out there with 6.5 size foot, you should buy these!

Friday, December 4, 2009

winter break

next week is the last week of fall semester (YAY!) and i truly can't wait to have my days back to myself again, even if it's only for a little under a month. i have a lot of things planned for the break and i'm so excited.

Winter Break To Do:
-Clean room!(my room is disgusting right now. it's so messy i pretty much have a pathway to my bed and that's it. sick)
      -The Sum Of Our Days by Isabel Allende
      -The Night In Question by Nicholas Wolff
      -Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
-movies to watch:
         -Missing (not Tommy Lee Jones, the one with Sissy Spacek)
         -Grey Gardens (probably won't get it in time)
         -Doubt (also prob won't get in time)
         -Julie and Julia (prob won't get in time)
         -Warriors (prob won't get in time)
         -Xmas movies galore! Boyf. pretty much hasn't seen any christmas movies. i can't wait for him to see elf, i know he'll love it.
-cooking: love to cook, but only easy things. for example, on wednesday i learned how make eggs in a basket and i was so thrilled afterward.
-sleeping in till 8, hooray!
-getting back on track with running and eating somewhat healthy. i haven't stopped running or anything but as of right now, (finals week, end of school stuff) it's just not a priority and i have totally noticed a change in my body especially because of my recent eating habits. i've pretty much allowed myself to eat anything and everything including and not limited to cookies mixed in ice cream.

the absolute cutest.

boyf. says i use the word "Cute" a lot. and it's probably true, but there are a lot of cute things out there in the world.

today as i was coming to work i saw maybe the cutest thing ever, or at least for this week/month (i wish i had an iphone so i could have quickly taken a picture and shown you all just how adorable it was).

i was stopped at the intersection of 1300 south and 1100 east and crossing the street in front of me was a guy walking a dog on a leash and pulling a red wagon with another dog laying down inside. the dog was clearly enjoying the ride, with his cute head sniffing about. i just couldn't believe my eyes. immediately i started laughing and exclaiming how cute it was. i also texted my sister about it.
so wish i had a pic of it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

needs, not wants

earmuffs or a hat with ear flaps.
maybe something along the lines of this?