Saturday, December 12, 2009

etsy only

dear everyone,

i've made a new goal and yes it's probably going to be the hardest thing i'll ever do. I've decided that for the next 6 months i will only buy my clothes, shoes, accessories etc. from etsy AND each item has to be under $50. that's my goal. and this way, i'll hopefully really think through a purchase before actually purchasing it, and it'll be either something handmade or used. it's always good to support the underdog.

i'm going to admit that i'm kind of excited. there is some really cute stuff there if you take the time to look, and surprisingly cheap too. of course, i'm not just going to go and spend spend spend (hopefully), this is how i will be getting new necessities. for example, if some pants get a hole in them, i'll get my new pair from etsy. make sense? i'm counting on you, dear friends, to hold me accountable for this. i'll need you to check up on me from time to time, and i'll definitely let you know of any purchases.


  1. go you! i love that you're doing this. i've faved a few shops you might find kinda cute:

    adorable vintage clothes:

    funky, meditteranean-esque jewelry:

    simple clothing and accessories:

    i don't really ever look for clothes on there, but there are some awesome vintage shops. good luck gurrrl.

  2. found another vintage shop: