Friday, June 20, 2008

Austen for the first time

I finished my first Jane Austen last night. I picked Northanger Abbey as my first. I often have a hard time reading a book when I've seen the movie first, so even though I am obsessed with Pride and Prejudice I decided to read one of the lesser known Austen.
First of all, what does everyone else think of this novel? Because I was not all that impressed. Of course I loved Catherine, but then I felt that she's the only one worth caring for at all in the book. I pretty much hated everyone else. I was definitely overjoyed when she dumped Isabella because she was trouble right from the first. I never really cared for Eleanor and I didn't really care about Henry either. I know of course that this one of her novels isn't so much about the characters but it just didn't really catch me. I mean it's a short novel and it took me like two weeks to read it because I had to force myself.
Everyone I know adores Austen and her stories so I'm determined not to give up on her yet. I just don't know which one to read next. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe I would move on to Persuasion but it seems like that's everyone's favorite and I don't know if I want to read the best one next instead of last, but I also need the next one to be good.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Bicycle!

Everyone, I want to present my new bicycle to you! This fine piece of equipment belonged to my mom many years ago, but we recycle in this family and it is now mine! I have to say, it's pretty fabulous. I was looking around for a cute townie bicycle for myself and my dad brought this out of the garage and I was in heaven. Until I actually got on it, just kidding. It may not be in the greatest shape, but it get's the job done. I get to have some good bicycle rides and look cute while doing it which, let's face it, is important. Now if only I could find a free helmet I could venture off the sidewalks.


On Monday, my birthday no less, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend. Marcus Shepherd left for his mission early Tuesday morning (but I said goodbye on Monday). He is serving in the Brazil Belem Mission and will be gone for two whole years!! For the past two or three months we have been together almost every day. I really got to know him, and now he's gone. I will of course write him often, and definitely hope he does the same. I will miss Marcus but of course I am very excited for him. I know he's where he should be and I know he will be a great missionary!