Friday, January 29, 2010

spring time wants

i was so excited to get all our new spring stuff in at the crew, but once we got it and i tried it on everything, and i mean EVERYTHING i tried on made me look fat. i don't know what it was, maybe the few pounds added on at christmas but it was not good. however, there are a few things that i really really still want, but since they are just shoes they won't make me look fat, i hope.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i think it's safe to say that i spend about 45 minutes out of everyday (not consecutively of course) looking at this site, usually on my iphone. boyf and i love it, we have so many great pics saved on my iphone.
the site is icanhascheezburger
and here is the most resent pic posted

warning: don't bring it up around us unless you want to look at 10 or more photos.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

line the walls

i could literally line the walls with....bunnies
found, of course, on etsy
but if you type in "Bunny wall decals" in the search bar, many come up. so clearly i am not crazy

Saturday, January 16, 2010

special name necklace

Found this gem on etsy and i can only imagine having this necklace with all my chillin's names around the it. love love love it! I have an odd obsession for monogrammed things (that and bunnies i guess). There's some sort of specialness  associated with having my initial on something. even though it's just one letter, it feels customized, something just for me.

bunny cake topper and necklace

I found the cutest little bunnies on etsy. i love the wedding cake topper, it's just too cute, and so me. also the necklace is so adorable. i think i'm a little crazy with my bunny obsession.
find them here, joojooland's site on etsy

Friday, January 15, 2010

people everywhere with their long beautiful hair!

so my hair has gotten longer, but it's not where i would like it to be yet, but i'm okay with that. sort of. it's hard to wait for hair to grow long because by the time it's where you want it you're totally sick of it. hopefully i won't be. anyway, i like to look at bumble and bumble's "style book" online, it's fun to see the new crazy do's they have. one of my favs for some reason i'm not sure of is this one, it totally makes me think of a blonde patti smith, so punk rock and awesome
but the one i really like is this one, at least i would love to have it for myself, but not blonde. i love the effortless curls and just the natch, low maintenance look.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i'd ride off into the sunset on this

just thought this was too cute. first off, i adore bicycles, especially cute ones, with maybe a basket on the front with a kitty or small puppy or maybe even a bunny. this one i can easily substitute the basket for a just married sign. it would be a dream to ride off with your new hubby on this cute bicycle!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

end of winter break

Tomorrow is the last day of winter break. i have loved this break, being able to stay up late with boyf, and friends coming home for christmas, oh yeah, and christmas. but come monday it's back to early mornings, classes, and going to bed early. boo to that.

i have a really hard time with spring semester. i hate having to go back after only a few week long break, and i hate that almost all of spring semester is cold and snowy, it really shouldn't be called spring, it should be called winter, freezing semester. oh well.

also, i didn't get half of my goals accomplished for winter break. i half cleaned my room, and even though i didn't completely clean it, it is a vast improvement. i didn't even finish one of the books that i intended to read, i am almost done with one of them though. i watched a couple of the movies on my list, and i just got doubt in today, so maybe i'll get that done before monday morning.

i hope you are more excited about spring semester than i am, and that you are taking more fun classes than me. and if you are really lucky, you are done with school and don't have to deal with it anymore. boo to you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

spring time wants

it's only January 4th but the stores already have their spring stuff out, and by stores i mean j.crew. i know i'm not gonna buy anything, especially the hat because of the price but it really is so cute on, and i do NOT look good in hats. also, this bag is great. i just love it and i can just see myself tromping around in the spring and summertime with my adorable panama hat and Out-Your-Backdoor bag!
the bags really reasonably priced but i'll have to wait a while before i decide whether or not i'm going to buy it. they have a great bicycle bag too, but seeing as how i don't bike often i prob. won't get it.