Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update No. 6: Moving

Back to chronological order, and no more animals or make up (for a bit, or at least this post). The day after my birthday, June 10, 2011, I moved. I've had my name on a few lists of low income housing and finally one opened up and it's half a block away from the library (job).

I'm pretty happy with it. The whole building is studio apartments, so natch mine is too. It has air conditioning, that I can control myself (hallelujah), and a nice dishwasher, garbage disposal (I've never had one of those). The building has underground, assigned parking, an exercise room, laundry on every floor and a "club room" where I can go and watch cable tv on a big screen if no one has it reserved (not that I've really had time for that).

My place isn't super cute yet, so I'm not going to post any pictures, once I get something on the walls, or the big pile of boxes gone, or a pretty rug, then I will probably post some.

Of course I have to thank those that helped me move; I couldn't have done with without Boyf, Griff, or Marilee's boxes. Thank you!

I'm Only Slightly Ridiculous

Dear Friends and Family,

You can obviously tell that I am ridiculously obsessed with all things animals, and especially bunnies and puppies. It seems that over the past few weeks I've discovered many websites dedicated to posting pictures of these things. I've also taken to posting said sites onto the left hand side of my blog. I've found another (you can thank Boyf. for this one, oh and also for cuteoverload). Boyf. just sent me a link to the dog of my dreams (one of the four or five) and from there I discovered the site and can't get enough. Here is a pic of said dog:
He is a Goldendoodle, a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle (which I'm not a huge fan of, but look how cute they can turn out?).

Here is where you can find the site with more pics of Mango the GoldenDoodle.

Also, just so you know, I don't currently own any Lisa Frank notebooks or anything of the sort. I just like animals. I'm not a weirdo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update No. 5: Make up

This update is out of order, but I really felt the need to post it today. About three weeks ago (and last week) I acquired some new beauty products and I've rediscovered some old favs. Mostly just straight up make up but one new hair product. I took a picture of them and a few close ups (I figure that my make up posts are probably really boring and pictures might actually entice you to read them. Or not).

Old Favs: Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. It's a great matte base for my eyelids. I use a small Mac brush to apply (not sure which brush, I should have included it). I really like it because it doesn't add a lot of color but has a perfect tone for my eyelids. I probably wouldn't use it if I was going to add a lot of color to my lid but for lighter lid tones it's a great base. Another fav is my Mac eyeshadow in Naked Lunch (I forgot to include the picture, but it's almost gone, and with the light in my bathroom you probably wouldn't be able to see it's wonderful color). It's a great, very light champagne-y shimmer. I love using it to brighten up my inner lid and around the tear-area. I also use it a lot to blend dark colors around my brow bone, basically I use it for pretty much everything. Another rediscovery is two great colors in my Mac eyeshadow kit shown. I love the two middle colors: Hush a Plum and Trax. The first is a great matte color and the second is a very beautiful dark shimmery purple. It's not too purpley though, you know? I'm not swiping on some grape Popsicle color on. It's a great color for me because I've got hazel eyes and they really bring out the green.

The hair product is Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. It's supposed to help enhance beach waves. I've only used it a few times and want to give it a few more shots. However, every time I've used it, by the time I get home and look in the mirror I'm not thrilled with what I see. My hair looks messy, and separated, but not in the way that most people wish their curls were separated, and it also looks a tad frizzy. I'd really like to love it because I love the other B&B products I've tried.

New make up finds: I finally got the Nars Orgasm stick, and if you don't remember I've been really interested in trying it. My Mom bought the powder version of this and it's really great on her. She and I (although I think I may have a bit more pink undertones) have similar coloring and so I thought it'd be great on me. It's...okay. I haven't decided yet. I rub it on the apple of my cheek (that's where blush goes if you didn't know) and then sort of rub it in a bit with my finger. I just can't tell if it's a good color for me. It's got a lot of shimmer to it and it's a bit more orangey-golden. It's not straight up orange, but I just don't know how to explain it. It would look fabulous on someone with more freckles, pinker skin and definitely someone who is a lot tanner. I don't know, I'm going to give it some more goes. My new bathroom lighting is throwing me off completely but I'm getting the hang of it.

I also got some Nars eyeshadow. The duo shown is called: Habanera.The color on the left is a really stunning, shimmery brown with some purple to it. The other color, while very pretty is a bit of a pickle for me. It's very icey blue when it goes on and this type of color is very foreign to me. I need to experiment more with it, cause it's so pretty but it really stands out when it goes on.

In my past make up posts I had purchased the Mac Studio Tech and was pretty happy with it. But, I had heard that Shiseido made a great concealer that really lasted. Since I'm outside a lot (no car) and the temps are really starting to creep up I want something that isn't going to melt off my face. I ordered their Natural Finish Cream Concealer and I really like it. You only need a tad but I love it for my under eye area. I don't like to put a heavy concealer there since the skin is so tender and I like this one a lot.

I have also begun trying what's offered at the grocery store. There are, like, 3 aisles of make up at my Smiths and then at the Target near me I think there are 5+ so there's gotta be something worthwhile there, right? Well, I picked up L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base and it comes in a little pot, you can see it to the left in my pic. Today was the first day trying it on under make up (yesterday I had the day off and didn't wear make up but put this on to see how I liked the feel). So far, I love it! I previously wasn't using a face/make up primer (other than the Nars for my eyes, see previous post) and I love the way this has made my face feel. It has made my face feel so silky and soft. So far, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Next from the grocery store is the Almay One Coat, Get Up and Grow Mascara. I read that it was a great mascara for definition and to help keep your eyelashes healthy. I've had it for about a month now and it's not bad. It reminds me of this Clinique mascara that I used to swear by. It's great for separation but as far as volume it's not great.

I have a list of a few to try but I'll just let you know as I pick them up.

Make up from my last post I'm still using: MAC eye shadow in Mulch, MAC Pain Pot in Reubenesque and I'm using Reubenesque with my new Nars eyeshadow. MAC blush in Well Dressed.

Update No. 4: Birthday Fun

June 9th, 2011 was my 23rd birthday. Hooray for getting older! I love birthdays (I'm not old enough to hate aging, yet). I love being spoiled on my birthday by Boyf and friends and this year was no exception. This year Boyf took me to breakfast at the Park Cafe, one of my favorites and then right after took me to get a Belgian Waffle from Bruges. It was amazing, here is a picture just to make you jealous.
It was so rich, I almost couldn't finish it. Then my dear friend Amber took me to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I'm afraid I was still a little full from breakfast and waffle to fully appreciate the unlimited-ness that is Sweet Tomatoes but I will say that it was delish, especially their strawberry lemonade.

After lunch I went to a staff meeting at work, and there were even more treats to be had (we were celebrating mine and another staff members bday). We had cupcakes that looks like corn on the cob (so sad I didn't take a pic of it) and delicious pear tart, as well as chocolate milk (one of my favorite drinks). There were also oreo crumble rice crispy treats which I had to save for the next day.

After all that sweetness I, slowly, walked home, digesting all the sweets of the day. After a bit I went to visit my parents. Then Boyf and I went back to my place and we made dinner together. It was amazing. Steak, carefully picked out by Boyf (who apparently knows his steak and is very serious about it) and corn on the cob, and potatoes. We cooked the steak in a way I'd never done before. You vacuum seal the steaks in a ziploc bag (but it has to be a specific type so that it doesn't disintegrate in the water) and then you cook it for about 30-40 minutes in simmering water. After which you sear it in a pan. This is where Boyf's amazing gift came into use. He bought me a very nice grill pan that I've been coveting for a long time. Boyf also gave me a very nice cuisinart smart stick. It's pretty much an alternative to a blender and I've been using it to make smoothies. 

Here are some pics of our delicious dinner
Anyway, it was such a good birthday and to all the people who made it special, thank you, in fact I couldn't thank you enough.

Update No. 3 Exercising and stuff

My friends and I have decided to run a half marathon. I know I said never again, but here I am, training for one. As part of this training and because I now have fridays off thanks to a reg. schedule at my new location (library) and because my other friend has fridays off too (fridays are my best days, pretty much) we have decided that fridays are hiking days. And, while we've only done it once (because of birthday palooza and other obstacles) we plan on making it a regular thing. I think. Anyway, we went on a lovely hike, at least it started out lovely until we ran into a very scary mask hanging in a tree.
here we are happy to be on our hike.
Here we are scared out of our minds because of the scary mask in the tree.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update No.2: Anniversary (which should have actually been No.1)


This should have been No.1 because (if you are going chronologically) it happened before my move to the downtown library.

May 14th, 2011 marked the second year since Jason and I began dating. The past two years have been my best, and if you asked me if I had to repeat a year of my life it would be the first year of our togetherness (cause I can't choose both). I had never been in a long term relationship before Jason (longest was prob. 2 months) and I really got lucky with this one. Ever since I hung out with Jason for the first time with friends I knew he was the cutest, most handsomest guy I'd ever come across and it's still true today.

Things I love about Jason:
-When he wears glasses (any kind will do)
-The little spot in his cheek that I wish I could just squeeze constantly
-When he is trying to explain something and he starts talking too fast
-When he sings, especially to me
-When we dance together (even though I'm terrible at following)
-When we snugs
-When we snugs and my feet are ice cold but he lets me put them against his to warm them up anyway
-That he will eat just about anything (I never have to worry about messing up a recipe)
-His hands, and how they are manly, but not grossly dry or calloused
-That he wears all the clothes I buy him, even the pink shirt
-How smart he is, he can fix and do anything, I kid you not. It's kind of like, how, when you were little and you thought your dad could do and fix anything, well that's Jason but he isn't my Dad.
-He indulges me in my crazy obsession with all things animals.
-He always has time to see me everyday no matter what. I think that, in the time we've been togeth, we've gone about 3 days without seeing each other (and that's not 3 days consecutively). Tied into seeing me everyday, ever since I've moved out he's been my constant chauffeur, he drives me everywhere, picks me up from anything and carries my groceries.

Those random things and lots more are reasons why Jason is the best. And those were just the few I thought of off the top of my head.

For our anniversary this year I got Jason Italian Job on blu-ray, it's one of his favs. And Jason took us to Cafe Niche for dinner. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. Here are some pics marking the occasion:
My dinner: Scallops with a blood orange sauce and forbidden rice (black rice). It was pretty tasty.

Jason and his dinner: Hanger Steak, potatoes and pesto-y sauce. We decided that his was the best but they were both yummy. For dessert we had grapefruit brulee and we were more than halfway done with it by the time I realized we hadn't taken a picture. But, it's not typical brulee, it is grapefruit pieces with a honey-type of sauce drizzled on top, all in a hard candy-like shell of a bowl (so, yes you could eat the bowl). 

updating, one by one (update No. 1: New Workplace and Tiny People)

I started writing out a ginormous post to bring things up to date but I realized that I would never have enough time to complete the post. Instead I have decided to just do post updates when I can (also, I will try to include pictures as often as possible, because I know how boring it can be without them).

Update No. 1: New Workplace and Tiny People

I have recently (May 17, 2011) began working in the Children's department at the Main Library downtown. It was just a lateral transfer so I am still a Library Assistant. However, it is much different than being an assistant at a branch. Basically the work that a Librarian (or associate) does at a branch is the exact same work that I do downtown, except I get paid much less. Yipee! While this might sound like a kick in the pants (and in some ways it is) I am having so much more fun down there. I get to work on collection development, and programs and I get lots of reference experience plus the kids can be pretty darn cute. Of course there is the whole aspect of being downtown in transient central, but being in the Children's is a bit removed from all of that (except for the bathrooms right outside of Children's) so it's not so bad. I will say there is this smell in the Children's back work room that I love, every time I walk it, it's like a flood of memories coming back to me (which is weird because I don't have many memories of being down there, yet).

p.s. one reason why I have not been up to date is because I am so much more busy at work downtown than when I was up at Sweet and had plenty of time to keep my blog updated. Hopefully I can keep things going.