Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, i missed it

Oh tv how i missed you! I missed your late night Family Guy episodes, House reruns (episodes that were still good), Supernatural, Chuck, even the morning news (especially since i don't bother much to keep up on news which i know is bad). Boyf. is so great and got me a converter box. And it may seem like some small feat but it most definitely is not! I love surprises, and when Boyf. walked into the room toting the antenna and little black converter box i immediately lit up! I knew right away what it was and I was so excited!

Now don't get me wrong, i don't need tv to live, but sometimes it's nice to watch a little show, even if it's a seinfeld rerun (which isn't a bad thing at all) while i'm eating breakfast or lunch or something.

don't pretend like you don't feel the same way. and please don't tell me how pathetic i am to be excited to have tv and don't tell me how much more full your life is without it. i know i sound like a media whore, but i'm not. my life is full of other activities (just don't ask about them ;))

what i should have been..

uh, perfect halloween costume. too bad it's too late and i'm so broke i can't even buy a white apron! But, i should have dressed up as the lovely Flo from the progressive commercials! I pretty much love her.
UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm gonna be tampering with the blog for the next little while so hang tight. I just wasn't happy with the header and until i've decided what i want i may just have it as this autumny orange. I kind of like it actually.

In the past i have changed the header picture by season, which i liked but didn't really go with the theme or the title of my blog (although, i'm not really sure what does). So, we'll see what happens.


My roommate has a silly kitteh named Qbert; and he really is quite silly. Anyhow, he loves being petted and given attention. Here is Brad giving him much needed attention since Courtney (roommate and respective owner of Qb) is out of town.
it's kind of dark in the picture, but somehow they both ended up on the floor, Qb on top.

silly things i see

I saw this oversize guy sitting on a pocket bike the other day. I just had to whip out my phone for a picture. Unfortunately he saw me. So i had to wait until he was driving away but i still got a snap shot of it. It's funny because i just barely watched a movie with some friends where a guy rode one and before then i had never even heard of one. Probably because they are the most ridiculous things ever. and you can see why.

first halloween party

I say first because I'm going to another but that's probably it, just two. My sister has a halloween party every year and it's really fun. This year we all committed to dressing up and my fabulous mother made me a poodle skirt. So Jason and I dressed up as 50s high schooler-types. Of all the pictures taken I felt that only one so far was acceptable and only barely. Jason's just so cute that I decided to put it up anyway. Maybe the second party will yield more acceptable pictures.
as cute as boyf is, he sure does have a gnarly farmers tan. but, maybe that just helps showcase his fab arms. yes? i think so.

Friday, October 22, 2010

fuzzy old lady hair

Why do all old ladies have that awful helmet of fuzzy, poorly dyed hair? (I know that not all do, but i truly can not think of a single "old" lady i know that doesn't have it. and by old i mean, 70+). Actually, that's not true, I have noticed some older women that don't have fuzzy hair but it's only because they have it really, and i mean really short. Maybe I'm just being horribly stereotypical right now but it's just weird. Why does it happen? Is there some weird biological thing that makes hair change when you reach a certain age? Even the old ladies that have long hair have weirdly fuzzy hair. I really hope that this is not something that every woman has to face in life. I guess it boils down to "chop it off or be fuzzy!"

this is an example of what i mean. unfortunately her hair is a brilliant white and therefore you can not truly grasp the fuzzy-ness of it but i know that you do all have a picture in your head of what i'm talking about!

maybe i'll just buzz my head and wear fabulous hats and brightly colored wigs a la katy perry all the time.

Fall Break

Last week was fall break for the U and I'm not a student but Jason is, so he had the week off from school and we took advantage of that! Our friend Mel's fam has a cabin down at Fish Lake so we went and stayed for a few days. It was so nice, and relaxing to not have to think about real life things like work and just ask ourselves what movie we wanted to watch and when we wanted to take a nap. It was pretty sweet. And since it is fall it was absolutely gorgeous! The aspen leaves were just turning bright yellow and the weather was that really great crisp fall weather when it's nice and sunny but still cool. I just loved it! I took a few pics, not as many as i should have (of course. i have a freaking iphone so why can't i take more pictures? i really need to work on that).
It was pretty chilly on this walk and my jacket didn't have a hood so we shared. and while i think it's a cute picture i can't help but notice how extra chubby my face looks. bah!
This was one of the best pictures i took while there. you can see the lake immediately behind and the sky's clear and bright blue, this was the weather the whole time. awesome!

I had a really great time, and I was lucky to spend it with Jason and our great friends Mel and Brad. Thanks for a great vacation guys!