Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Break

Last week was fall break for the U and I'm not a student but Jason is, so he had the week off from school and we took advantage of that! Our friend Mel's fam has a cabin down at Fish Lake so we went and stayed for a few days. It was so nice, and relaxing to not have to think about real life things like work and just ask ourselves what movie we wanted to watch and when we wanted to take a nap. It was pretty sweet. And since it is fall it was absolutely gorgeous! The aspen leaves were just turning bright yellow and the weather was that really great crisp fall weather when it's nice and sunny but still cool. I just loved it! I took a few pics, not as many as i should have (of course. i have a freaking iphone so why can't i take more pictures? i really need to work on that).
It was pretty chilly on this walk and my jacket didn't have a hood so we shared. and while i think it's a cute picture i can't help but notice how extra chubby my face looks. bah!
This was one of the best pictures i took while there. you can see the lake immediately behind and the sky's clear and bright blue, this was the weather the whole time. awesome!

I had a really great time, and I was lucky to spend it with Jason and our great friends Mel and Brad. Thanks for a great vacation guys!


  1. FUN! and you look CUTE sharing that hood with Jason. :) I'm glad you call him Jason now on your blog instead of boyf. Now he sounds like a real person ;)