Saturday, March 27, 2010

the farthest yet

today i ran the farthest i've run so far. i went 9 1/2 miles! my route did have some hills, and a few that were pretty steep so i walked those, so i guess i cheated a little but i can't believe that i was able to do that! it's amazing how hard my short runs during the week can feel and then i can bust out 9 on a saturday. the big race is only a few weeks away, and i was nervous before, and am still but i'm confident that i'll at least be able to finish it.

also, after much experimenting i have discovered the perfect energy supplement for my runs: clif shot blockers! SO much better than those nasty gels or goos, seriously. it's pretty much just a gummy, and it doesn't taste terrible! yay! also, i take lemon-lime gatorade with me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

cookies everywhere!

today i am being bombarded by cookies! which is not usually bad, but i had made a resolution to start eating healthy because the last few weeks all my food intake was basically sweets. now, i have come to accept the fact that i can never live without my sweets, it just doesn't work. in the past i've been able to resist for a while but then once i have just one i go so far of the band wagon i'm no longer on any kind of wagon, more like a space ship traveling faster than the speed of light with my sweet intake. but i figure that i can cut down a tad. for example, if say my dad made cookies (which he did on sunday) i can eat two instead of five. (i'm proud to say that on sunday i only ate one) and yesterday i only had one. but today i decided it would be okay to eat two, then i go to pick up something from my mom at gap and decide to check out the new stuff that came out today at the crew, and of course on new roll-out days they get cookies for customers, so i had a big snickerdoodle, and now i'm at my other job where some girl scouts dropped off some cookies. i haven't had one yet, and i'm really trying not to but they are the yummy lemon creme center ones.

Monday, March 15, 2010

sweet discovery

I read in a magazine that the "Newman's Own" peanut butter cups are delish, organic, and 3 is only 190 calories. so, i went to whole foods today and bought two packs. i couldn't wait to try them. i have recently accepted the fact that i will never be able to cut out sugar all together. i really can't, i like it too much and am always craving it. and when i try to cut it out of my diet i'll slip a day and then go crazy with my sugar intake. it's true. the trick is finding ways to have my treats without overkill. so after my dinner i tried them and they were fantastic! i was a little skeptical because i'd had a newmans candy bar a while ago and didn't love it. but these are so yummy, and what i really like about them is that the peanut butter filling tastes like actual peanut butter. i definitely recommend giving them a try.


so it's that time. it's the time of year when one day it's so amazingly warm and sunshiny that you don't need to wear a jacket and you want to wear skirts and sandals. and THEN the next day its snowing like we have no snow pack in the mountains. i am so excited for warm weather, i just want to be outside. i love it, i love running outside when it's nice and i can enjoy it and i don't have soaked feet when i get home, and my freckles start to come out from wherever they go when it's not sunny and warm. also, i enjoy changing my blog header picture to match the season. i was going to choose this spring time adorableness, but it didn't quite fit the way i wanted it to, and while i LOVE tulips and the picture i have now, i'm not quite sure it's the one i want to have permanently.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hurley Parties in the USA

if only everyone that reads my blog was as into lost as i am. also, i'm gonna say that so far this season Hurley is my fav. he's solid gold!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

longitude and latitude

saw this on another blog that i frequent and had to post it on mine. could you think of a better way to remember something special? having the longitude and latitude of a special memory on your necklace?! i'm wondering if that could be better than initials? i don't know. find it here, plus it also comes on a reg. link chain, so that the ball chain can be more masculine for a dude and link chain more femme for a girl! i really truly LOVE this, more than any of the other necklaces i've posted! for seriously. find it here, on etsy 'course.