Monday, March 15, 2010


so it's that time. it's the time of year when one day it's so amazingly warm and sunshiny that you don't need to wear a jacket and you want to wear skirts and sandals. and THEN the next day its snowing like we have no snow pack in the mountains. i am so excited for warm weather, i just want to be outside. i love it, i love running outside when it's nice and i can enjoy it and i don't have soaked feet when i get home, and my freckles start to come out from wherever they go when it's not sunny and warm. also, i enjoy changing my blog header picture to match the season. i was going to choose this spring time adorableness, but it didn't quite fit the way i wanted it to, and while i LOVE tulips and the picture i have now, i'm not quite sure it's the one i want to have permanently.


  1. I looove spring!!! In my country never snows, so most of days are warm, perfect to be outside!

  2. CUTE! p.s. I really like your site. I like the set up and the picture. pret.ty. Yay for something to read!