Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break In Cali

Last week, the WHOLE week, I went to California with some amazing friends, and boyf. (an amazing boyf.). It was so fun! We of course hit a few unexpected snags along the way (flat tire an hour into the trip, parking ticket, speeding ticket, scorching sunburn) but it was so fun, and beautiful there.

We were able to rent a house on Balboa Island. The little cottage sleeps 8, but we packed 16 people in there and shared ONE BATHROOM (I don't think I'll ever be able to share a bathroom with that many people again, at least that many boys, but it was an experience). Balboa Island itself is so adorable, the houses are all packed in close together but I'd live in almost any of them there, plus it has the original Frozen Banana Stand there, yum! We spent most of our days at various beaches, and went whale watching, and shopping at Fashion Island. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Disneyland, but when I return in August I'm really hoping we can make it.

Here are a few pics from the trip, of course I should have taken more but oh well.

Here are the guys at Newport Beach digging some sort of hole. I never really understood what they were doing with it, and the next day it was completely covered!

The last day we crossed the Balboa Island Ferry to the Newport Beach there (different spot than the first time we went to Newport Beach where said digging occurred). This was such an amazing view, and probably one of my favorite days despite the bird that dropped one on me. I love this view, it's one of the many reasons I would happily live in California, mainly the Newport area.

And last but certainly NOT least, here is me and Boyf the last day, on the Newport Beach pier. On the pier there were a few people fishing which drew the attention of some sea lions and they were so fun to watch! I took a bunch of pictures of them, but this one is worth sharing more than the ones of sea lions, as cute as they may be, boyf is definitely cuter!
and for some reason it seems to be a little blurry on the comp. regardless it's adorable as my "lock screen" on my iphone. 

I can't wait to go back in August, and maybe it will be warm enough to want to swim in the water, and maybe I'll be ready to don a swimsuit by then and hopefully we'll also be able to go to Disneyland! 
Hope you all had as much fun on your spring break as I did!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

recent, and FINAL makeup/skin care purchases, at least for a while

Before I left on spring break I ordered a whole slue of products! Really, like, a lot.

I told you all how I thought I needed something to cover up my minor dark spots under my eyes so I was perusing some products and settled on the MAC Studio Tech. It's a creamy foundation, and while it's a foundation and not a concealer it's pretty much the same thing. I would never use it as a foundation because it seems like it would be too heavy, and I like to feel like I'm barely wearing anything, so I use a concealer brush to pat some on under my eyes and my chin and around my nose before my bare escentuals go on. The cool thing about the MAC site is that you can go through this tutorial about finding what foundation/concealer products work best for you, even blush (if I remember correctly) and that's how I found the Studio Tech and my shade. They have so many foundation type products I couldn't have chosen without this tool, I don't think. So far I love it. I also chose some blush from them. It's a pressed powder one, called Well Dressed. It's a very light pink. When I saw the color in the compact I was a little nervous about how it would go on, but it gives me a very subtle pink hue that I really like. I also ordered two eye shadows from MAC. I chose Mulch and Reubenesque (it's actually a paint pot). It helps give me a really nice brown smokey eye. Since my make up regime is very minimal this works well because I don't end up with a really exaggerated smokey eye that comes with using black shadows. So basically you put the Reubenesque on first with your finger, just smudge it on your eyelid, and then use a brush to press on the Mulch all over your lid, up until your eye socket line (when you open your eyes it's that crease in your eyelid, if that helps) and then with a clean brush or finger or whatever you just blend that edge, then add some liner and mascara and voile! brown smokey eye! While I was in Cali I visited the Nordy's at Fashion Island and picked up a pro longwear from the MAC counter. I can't remember what it's called at the moment (it's at home and I'm blogging on the comp. at school). However, it's a very bright, dark pink. It's perfect for me because I can't wear red lipstick at all, just doesn't work, but I'd like to have that sort of "red lipstick" look, you know? Well this is dark enough of a pink and bright enough that it totally does the job, and lasts! It really lasts.

Then, from Sephora I ordered the NARS eyeshadow primer (I already told you about this I think) and boy is it amazing, works perfectly. Even with a few layers of shadow on after about 6 hours I still had it on just as I applied it. I also use some on my under eye because I have problems with mascara running there. I also refilled on my Bare Escentuals foundation.

Now, I have to stop purchasing makeup, I could literally spend EVERY cent on make up. Not that I'd be proud of it, but I could. I really could.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

end of the week, beginning of spring break!!!

Tomorrow I have a mid-term and I've been working on it all week, preparing test notes (I love it when teachers do this!) and reviewing past lectures, mostly ones that I decided were okay to skip because sleeping seemed more important at the time. I just finished my test notes and really I can't even think about it anymore, I might kill myself.
After tomorrow's test and my one class on friday I will begin spring break! woo! On Sunday a bunch of friends and I are renting a beach house in California and I truly can not wait! This trip has been getting me through the past few weeks. Every time I think about school, I say to myself that I just have to get through this and then I can be on the warm, sunny beach, or disneyland the happiest place on earth (we'll be about 30 minutes away so we kind of have to go don't we? esp since boyf's never been!). If you weren't already jealous enough just know that it'll be in the upper 60s all next week for me and I'll be wearing skirts and sundresses while it is in the lower 50s in salt lake and probably rainy.

Just had to share with you how excited I am. It's always fun to go on vacation and spend time away from work, school and the daily routine! After spring break it'll be about a month and a half before school's out for the summer, so that will be the only thing keeping me going. boo school. boooooo.....

more make-up purchases aka I'm now a make-up shopaholic

Okay, so after deciding that I needed a blush I went searching around, during my search I also decided that it might be worthwhile to try an actual good concealer. But then again, maybe it was because I was watching a make-up vid (pixi2woo's again) and she was using a MAC studio concealer under her eyes and it looked amazing on her, so I thought it might work for me too, if I'm lucky? So I hopped on over to mac's site and purchased a powder blush in posey (I think, man I'm bad, I can't even remember the name anymore) and then a studio concealer.

The thing is, I think when I was about 16 I'm pretty sure I had this (studio concealer), and ended up not loving it. But my face was very different then. I was still dealing with the fun of being a teenager and experiencing break outs and different treatments for acne which also meddled with my skin. I'm hoping I like it this time. Mostly because I've recently gotten circles under my eyes. They aren't so dark, a little pinky-purpley so maybe this will nip it in the bud? I tried using my bare escentuals (true spelling, I checked!) it wasn't amazing. I love my bare escentuals for balancing out my over all skin tone and it works well to help hide my redness around the nose and chin but it's not amazing for covering up major problems.

Price- On another note, I was sort of comparing prices, and it looks like Mac is actually really reasonably priced. I was considering the Nars multiple stick (I previously mentioned I didn't want to purchase it online because I couldn't decide which shade) but then I looked at their price and Mac's and I decided to go with Mac's, plus the shade pictures on mac are a little easier to discern, at least I hope. I really wanted a light pinkish hue and I didn't see one, or at least couldn't tell which to  pick from the Nars multiple. 

I'll let you know on this.
Also, I've done a bad thing and memorized my debit card number.

Also, maybe I should just limit my make-up stuff to a once a month short update, cause apparently it's all I blog about lately. Although, I feel like this will just be a phase because I can't usually afford make-up (thank you tax return!).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guys: What NOT to wear

Hopefully you can see the guy with the UBER long shirt on in the background.

As he walked past me many thoughts ran through my mind some of them being: why on EARTH would you think this is okay to wear out? or ever? Could you possibly be borrowing your girlfriends pajama shirt? (where can I get a pajama shirt like that?) Oh, wait, if you wear that in public you probably don't have a girlfriend, unless she looks and dresses exactly like you, poor girl. My next thought was, where did you get a shirt that size? It's weird because (if you can't tell) it's just long, and yes it is a bit long in the sleeve area but it's mostly just a long shirt. Does he shop at a specific store for men that are, like, 8 feet tall? My last thought as he was almost too far away to take the picture, was that I should take the picture!
I can't think of any men that I know who dress like this, but the real lesson here is to wear clothes that fit you appropriately. I can't tell you how much I dislike pants and shorts, especially, that are too big on a guy. Why is it okay for them to dress so sloppily and then hold women up to a standard to look nice? Seriously though, I really do HATE too long shorts on guys. The appropriate length is just above the knee, unless you have amazing quads, then I will allow you to wear hot pants.

makeup purchases

My samples are dwindling and it was time to make a decision regarding all things: lotion, face wash, foundation. I decided to purchase both my lotion and face wash from Estee Lauder. The lotion was a tough choice between Etee's Hydrationist and L'occitane's Shea Face Cream. In the end I felt like the Hydrationist was a very luxurious lotion (much like l'occitane's) but that it was also more sensitive for my face. I love L'occitane's products (esp. their hand lotion) but the shea face cream kind of felt like a really nice, thick hand lotion and that it was just too much for my face. So that was the final decision. I also purchased the Estee lauder Perfectly Clean Light Lotion Cleanser. It's really gentle and takes away makeup fabulously. I have to say that I have a really hard time with my mascara bleeding after a full day and previously I would just wet my finger and try to rub it away; but I've realized this is being too harsh on the delicate skin around my eyes. The lotion cleanser is perfect, you lightly swipe some on and it gently wipes it away. I really do like it. I'll probably still use my neutrogena face wash every few days(which I still do like, I use the cream cleanser fyi), especially after work outs.
As far as foundation goes I am sticking with my Bare Escentuals (or however weird way they spell it) powder. I really like it, so easy to use and it really does freshen up my face. I did however, watch a youtube video from Pixi2woo's channel (she's a makeup artist) and the video of her creating a spring look shows her putting on some liquid foundation that looks amazing on her. Maybe I'll have to revisit that video and try it out next time I go for samples.
I also purchased a few more items, a few eyeshadows from Mac (I'm pretty sure I'll really like them, no need to test), and then some eyeshadow primer from Nars (it's supposedly awesome, and I've already told you I have issues with mascara bleeding and also with eyeshadow creases).

Currently I am on the look out for a good blush. I have the bronzer-powder-stuff from bare escentuals and I do like it, but I kind of think I want something with a little more color to it, and not just brown. I'm looking for a light pink cause my skin is very fair and has pink undertones. I've heard that Nars Multiple stick is fabulous but I can't tell from the colors online which color would be best for me. So that might have to wait till my next shopping trip.

This saturday I am going to the Gap in search of jeans. My current pair have a lovely hole right in the crotch (not so lovely) and I've asked around and everyone seems to think they have good jeans, plus I have 30% off. I'll let you know how that goes.

Today I got a hair cut (FINALLY!!!) and decided to cut some bangs. I've been pretty bored with my hair lately and have been just doing buns, and I've even gone a few too many days without washing it and I just didn't care (I know, gross. It wasn't really that bad, but I could tell it should have been washed). They are really cute, I think, I hope they are and that I don't think they're cute just because they're different. It's been about 6 yearsish since I've had bangs and so we'll see how it goes. So far I love 'em. I haven't told the boyf. yet about the cut, hopefully he doesn't read this before seeing me tonight. And hopefully he likes 'em too. Although, I have a feeling as long as my hair is more than 3 inches long he'll be happy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

sweets on my mind...

Today is a very tightly scheduled day, which means I had no time to plan my food throughout the day, which ALSO means I didn't plan for any treats. so sad. oh well, I'll get over it. maybe.

in the mean time all i can think about is this fabulous rainbow cake that i SOOO want. I'm thinking that it would go along with my wedding dress idea (don't get any funny ideas, just this one dress that i saw and fell in love with and really haven't seen anything that surpasses it yet, and though i still have a lot of time (PLENTY) i think it'll still be that dress).
ANYWAY....go here to see the cake, and scroll down a bit, you'll know it when you see it.

(Nicole asks to not use her photos w/o permission, which i totally understand. so I am lazy and just adding a link and making you do the work to see it. but it's worth it. except that now all i want is that cake.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baker Chick

I've discovered this blog: Baker Chick

It's adorable, and I'm planning on making the lemon cupcakes and the banana pudding as soon as I get the chance, which won't be for a couple weeks, BUT I will let you know when that is.

Also, I discovered that I am getting back a much larger than expected tax return. I seriously debated spending large portions of it on a new macbook, which I still really really am having a hard time disputing against (it's kind of imperative to have a lappy/computer now a days and so why shouldn't I get one?) But, I'm thinking I should probably save most of it. BUT since it is a lot more than I thought, and if I don't spring for a lappy, I'm going to FINALLY get a food processor (just a little one) and either a blender or a hand mixer. I can't decide which I'd rather have between the two. A blender would be awesome, but wouldn't a hand mixer be nicer to have? (so I can make things like lemon cupcakes easier?). I would appreciate your thoughts in this department.

Or if you can give me good reason to get a lappy. Also, I am desperate need of new jeans (just ask the growing hole in my crotch it'll tell you). And some new spring shoes, either sandals or sneaks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

skincare update

I've had a while to try out my samples and see what works and what doesn't, and I have a few interesting finds.

First off, about after a week of using these nice creams and washing my face every morning and night (which I admit was not something I did regularly) my face freaked out! I started breaking out in weird places, like high up on my cheek, and I now have this weird patch of skin on my cheek that feels sort of scaley (but you can't tell just by looking at it, I hope!). And it sounds like I was suddenly attacked by a plague of zits, but it wasn't all that bad, but a zit is a zit and one in a weird place like that is bad enough, let alone a couple more on my chin. This is also bad because sometimes when I wake up for school I'm too lazy for makeup and then I end up going the whole day without any to cover them up. I know, I'm gross.

So, I sort of changed things up a tad, and I also started swimming, which may be playing a part in this as well, I don't know, but I didn't start swimming when/before the breakout happened, only this week have I been swimming (more on that in a later post). I changed to only using the Argan Oil (Josie Maran) for after reg. washes. I feel like maybe the other creams were too heavy for after every wash. Then, after swimming or after using the face complexion brush I use one of the heavier, more luxurious creams. I'm now still having to decide between the Estee Lauder Hydration Lotion and the L'occitane Shea Face Cream. I love the thick texture of the L'occitane but I don't love the smell of it. hmmm.....but I also love the Estee Lauder one. I've still got ample of both left, so I will still have to decide on this, plus they are both pretty much the exact same price so that's not going to help me decide. I also like the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Lotion Cleanser, but I only use it on days when I haven't worked out, and if I remember to or think I need to wash.

Now, as for regularity of washing, I've found that I don't need to wash every morning and night. And I KNOW this is awful, and you should always wash etc etc. but the constant washing is not working for me, plus I don't wear heavy makeup hardly ever and if I ever do wear a lot or even mascara I always wash then, because I hate the feeling of sleeping with mascara on. But I just can't wash every second, it's killing my face. But, what I DO do that works wonders for me is I swipe my face with tea tree oil blotting tissues in the morning if (I'm not going to wash). It's amazing. I tell you the power of Tea Tree oil is so great, everyone needs a small bottle of it as well as the blotting tissues (I got my tissues at the body shop). I'm so happy I had the Tea Tree Oil around when I had my breakout attack, it really does help.

Also in the way of makeup, I'm just going to stick with my bare minerals. I love how easy it is to use, and I LOVE the way it conceals. It does have an spf in it so I'm just gonna keep it. I do need to buy some more soon too. I'm just not a fan of the liquid or the tinted moisturizer. As much as I wish I loved it, I don't. I don't know how to conceal with it and I can't use a moisturizer underneath it, but I don't like it as a moisturizer either. So I'm sticking to my powder.