Wednesday, March 16, 2011

more make-up purchases aka I'm now a make-up shopaholic

Okay, so after deciding that I needed a blush I went searching around, during my search I also decided that it might be worthwhile to try an actual good concealer. But then again, maybe it was because I was watching a make-up vid (pixi2woo's again) and she was using a MAC studio concealer under her eyes and it looked amazing on her, so I thought it might work for me too, if I'm lucky? So I hopped on over to mac's site and purchased a powder blush in posey (I think, man I'm bad, I can't even remember the name anymore) and then a studio concealer.

The thing is, I think when I was about 16 I'm pretty sure I had this (studio concealer), and ended up not loving it. But my face was very different then. I was still dealing with the fun of being a teenager and experiencing break outs and different treatments for acne which also meddled with my skin. I'm hoping I like it this time. Mostly because I've recently gotten circles under my eyes. They aren't so dark, a little pinky-purpley so maybe this will nip it in the bud? I tried using my bare escentuals (true spelling, I checked!) it wasn't amazing. I love my bare escentuals for balancing out my over all skin tone and it works well to help hide my redness around the nose and chin but it's not amazing for covering up major problems.

Price- On another note, I was sort of comparing prices, and it looks like Mac is actually really reasonably priced. I was considering the Nars multiple stick (I previously mentioned I didn't want to purchase it online because I couldn't decide which shade) but then I looked at their price and Mac's and I decided to go with Mac's, plus the shade pictures on mac are a little easier to discern, at least I hope. I really wanted a light pinkish hue and I didn't see one, or at least couldn't tell which to  pick from the Nars multiple. 

I'll let you know on this.
Also, I've done a bad thing and memorized my debit card number.

Also, maybe I should just limit my make-up stuff to a once a month short update, cause apparently it's all I blog about lately. Although, I feel like this will just be a phase because I can't usually afford make-up (thank you tax return!).

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