Monday, March 14, 2011

sweets on my mind...

Today is a very tightly scheduled day, which means I had no time to plan my food throughout the day, which ALSO means I didn't plan for any treats. so sad. oh well, I'll get over it. maybe.

in the mean time all i can think about is this fabulous rainbow cake that i SOOO want. I'm thinking that it would go along with my wedding dress idea (don't get any funny ideas, just this one dress that i saw and fell in love with and really haven't seen anything that surpasses it yet, and though i still have a lot of time (PLENTY) i think it'll still be that dress).
ANYWAY....go here to see the cake, and scroll down a bit, you'll know it when you see it.

(Nicole asks to not use her photos w/o permission, which i totally understand. so I am lazy and just adding a link and making you do the work to see it. but it's worth it. except that now all i want is that cake.)

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