Monday, March 7, 2011

Baker Chick

I've discovered this blog: Baker Chick

It's adorable, and I'm planning on making the lemon cupcakes and the banana pudding as soon as I get the chance, which won't be for a couple weeks, BUT I will let you know when that is.

Also, I discovered that I am getting back a much larger than expected tax return. I seriously debated spending large portions of it on a new macbook, which I still really really am having a hard time disputing against (it's kind of imperative to have a lappy/computer now a days and so why shouldn't I get one?) But, I'm thinking I should probably save most of it. BUT since it is a lot more than I thought, and if I don't spring for a lappy, I'm going to FINALLY get a food processor (just a little one) and either a blender or a hand mixer. I can't decide which I'd rather have between the two. A blender would be awesome, but wouldn't a hand mixer be nicer to have? (so I can make things like lemon cupcakes easier?). I would appreciate your thoughts in this department.

Or if you can give me good reason to get a lappy. Also, I am desperate need of new jeans (just ask the growing hole in my crotch it'll tell you). And some new spring shoes, either sandals or sneaks.

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