Friday, March 4, 2011

skincare update

I've had a while to try out my samples and see what works and what doesn't, and I have a few interesting finds.

First off, about after a week of using these nice creams and washing my face every morning and night (which I admit was not something I did regularly) my face freaked out! I started breaking out in weird places, like high up on my cheek, and I now have this weird patch of skin on my cheek that feels sort of scaley (but you can't tell just by looking at it, I hope!). And it sounds like I was suddenly attacked by a plague of zits, but it wasn't all that bad, but a zit is a zit and one in a weird place like that is bad enough, let alone a couple more on my chin. This is also bad because sometimes when I wake up for school I'm too lazy for makeup and then I end up going the whole day without any to cover them up. I know, I'm gross.

So, I sort of changed things up a tad, and I also started swimming, which may be playing a part in this as well, I don't know, but I didn't start swimming when/before the breakout happened, only this week have I been swimming (more on that in a later post). I changed to only using the Argan Oil (Josie Maran) for after reg. washes. I feel like maybe the other creams were too heavy for after every wash. Then, after swimming or after using the face complexion brush I use one of the heavier, more luxurious creams. I'm now still having to decide between the Estee Lauder Hydration Lotion and the L'occitane Shea Face Cream. I love the thick texture of the L'occitane but I don't love the smell of it. hmmm.....but I also love the Estee Lauder one. I've still got ample of both left, so I will still have to decide on this, plus they are both pretty much the exact same price so that's not going to help me decide. I also like the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Lotion Cleanser, but I only use it on days when I haven't worked out, and if I remember to or think I need to wash.

Now, as for regularity of washing, I've found that I don't need to wash every morning and night. And I KNOW this is awful, and you should always wash etc etc. but the constant washing is not working for me, plus I don't wear heavy makeup hardly ever and if I ever do wear a lot or even mascara I always wash then, because I hate the feeling of sleeping with mascara on. But I just can't wash every second, it's killing my face. But, what I DO do that works wonders for me is I swipe my face with tea tree oil blotting tissues in the morning if (I'm not going to wash). It's amazing. I tell you the power of Tea Tree oil is so great, everyone needs a small bottle of it as well as the blotting tissues (I got my tissues at the body shop). I'm so happy I had the Tea Tree Oil around when I had my breakout attack, it really does help.

Also in the way of makeup, I'm just going to stick with my bare minerals. I love how easy it is to use, and I LOVE the way it conceals. It does have an spf in it so I'm just gonna keep it. I do need to buy some more soon too. I'm just not a fan of the liquid or the tinted moisturizer. As much as I wish I loved it, I don't. I don't know how to conceal with it and I can't use a moisturizer underneath it, but I don't like it as a moisturizer either. So I'm sticking to my powder.

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