Thursday, September 24, 2009

what a find!

found these on etsy-bold banana. might get them, or i might get them in tote bag form.

the nap one should probably say, "I am a nap" just for me though, because i pretty much am a nap. for reals.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


found these from here for $47. so i bought them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall hopes shattered

so, just as i was thinking i had enough money to buy myself some cheapy new pleather boots for fall, i find out that i have shin splints.

firstly, i'm in pain.
secondly, i'm pissed
thirdly, i now have to buy new running shoes and therefore can not buy any boots.
fourthly, i'm even madder after having actually typed that sentence out.

now that i think about it though, it has been coming. because really, i've been running/hiking/camping etc. in the same shoes since probably my sophomore or junior year in high school. i don't know why i haven't gotten shoes any earlier, but i haven't been serious about running until this summer. so i wouldn't be surprised if for no other reason it's because of my old shoes.

so, i'm mostly okay with having new running shoes because hey, shoes are shoes. i'm also thinking maybe i should get some actual real running shoes and not just the crappy cheap ones they have on sale at famous footwear. but as i started looking online they are so expensive, averaging about $140! that's more than i've spent on any one item for a long time.

so no boots for me :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pure and simple genius

okay, this is too funny.

notice what she says to him at minute 4:45ish

Thursday, September 10, 2009

this week

This past week, up until about an hour ago, has been great. We got monday off of school and work, the weather cooled off a bit and i wore an adorable fall outfit yesterday complete with tights.


today i found out the most fabulous apartment i was so hoping to rent with a couple of friends isn't going to work out. the current tenants were going to buy a house but the deal fell through, so they're staying for a while longer. SO sad. of all the apartments we'd looked at so far this was the best, and it was really quite literally the greatest, bestest apartment ever. as we walked in to view it my breath was instantly taken away, i could hardly even talk, i think the tenants thought we were a little strange because we hardly said anything, but it was just that great. three nice bedrooms all the same size, a nice bathroom already painted a great red, and the kitchen! AH the kitchen could not have been better. the lovely blue tile counter tops completely sold the place for me, as soon as i saw the kitchen i wanted it, i didn't care what the rest of the place looked like.

but oh well (huge, giant sigh) i guess i'll just keep looking

(and if you know of a great three bedroom up for rent, please PLEASE let me know!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

a new, Miss Lindsey

Last night i got to babysit my most adorable niece and nephews. the oldest, Charlie, just started preschool, and it's always fun for me to ask and for him to tell me about it. One of the teachers names is Lindsey (she  goes by Miss Lindsey). While i was trying to get him to fall asleep we were talking about preschool and he was telling me that there was a new Lindsey. He then, sat up, pointed directly at me and said, "not this Lindsey, a new Lindsey" I was trying to hold back my laughter and said, "oh, it's not me?" and said the exact same thing (not this, but a new one).

i'm more than positive i'm the only one that thinks this is "post worthy" but i just loved it. He's so cute and growing up so fast. If he could stay the way he is now forever i'm pretty sure i would be okay with that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My name is Maru, i'm an adorably chubby cat that likes to fit into boxes much smaller than i


Have you seen this? two englanders found a lion cub for sale in a harrods dept. store. they bought him and took him home, but after he grew too big for them they decided to release him in the wild in africa.

sometime later (i don't know how recent this is) they wanted to see him again. they finally tracked him down in africa and found that he was now a leader of a pride and had a "wifey". as soon as they saw each other he ran to them jumping and hugging them. he definitely didn't forget about them.

here's the video of it from the view that i got off youtube. it's not great quality but it is probably the most precious thing ever. seriously.

good morning!

Today I had some cramps. Perfect excuse to not go to class. and yes i AM ridiculous since it's only the second week of school. but it was fabulous. I adored my morning. at 8:35 i went on a hard run. when i got home i had some cheerios and a very juicy peach. afterwards i proceeded to go back to bed till 11:30ish. Then i showered, had time to do my hair, found things to return to the library and then went to work.
It was just fabulous. and this is me in bed absolutely loving my morning nap!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Reads

I've decided to bag Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. maybe sense and sensibility and sea monsters (or whatever it is) will be better.

I've decided on two for now: King Dork and My Antonia.

King Dork is a recommendation from my sister and the first 15 pages i read on my break were entertaining.
The other i saw on a blog and for some reason i just decided to pick it up. i really have no idea what it's about but i'll let you know.

Grand Daddy

Saw this on another blog and couldn't resist posting it on mine. Grand daddy's is a hotel in cape town, south africa. I want to go there and live on the roof top in one of these super fun, and cute trailers. How fun would it be to live in a little community of funky trailers with your own small garden, restaurant close by, and nightly movie screenings outside? i wish i could live there and not just vacation.