Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall hopes shattered

so, just as i was thinking i had enough money to buy myself some cheapy new pleather boots for fall, i find out that i have shin splints.

firstly, i'm in pain.
secondly, i'm pissed
thirdly, i now have to buy new running shoes and therefore can not buy any boots.
fourthly, i'm even madder after having actually typed that sentence out.

now that i think about it though, it has been coming. because really, i've been running/hiking/camping etc. in the same shoes since probably my sophomore or junior year in high school. i don't know why i haven't gotten shoes any earlier, but i haven't been serious about running until this summer. so i wouldn't be surprised if for no other reason it's because of my old shoes.

so, i'm mostly okay with having new running shoes because hey, shoes are shoes. i'm also thinking maybe i should get some actual real running shoes and not just the crappy cheap ones they have on sale at famous footwear. but as i started looking online they are so expensive, averaging about $140! that's more than i've spent on any one item for a long time.

so no boots for me :(

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