Thursday, September 10, 2009

this week

This past week, up until about an hour ago, has been great. We got monday off of school and work, the weather cooled off a bit and i wore an adorable fall outfit yesterday complete with tights.


today i found out the most fabulous apartment i was so hoping to rent with a couple of friends isn't going to work out. the current tenants were going to buy a house but the deal fell through, so they're staying for a while longer. SO sad. of all the apartments we'd looked at so far this was the best, and it was really quite literally the greatest, bestest apartment ever. as we walked in to view it my breath was instantly taken away, i could hardly even talk, i think the tenants thought we were a little strange because we hardly said anything, but it was just that great. three nice bedrooms all the same size, a nice bathroom already painted a great red, and the kitchen! AH the kitchen could not have been better. the lovely blue tile counter tops completely sold the place for me, as soon as i saw the kitchen i wanted it, i didn't care what the rest of the place looked like.

but oh well (huge, giant sigh) i guess i'll just keep looking

(and if you know of a great three bedroom up for rent, please PLEASE let me know!)

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