Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm back. Here, again. It seems as though I can't let go of this blogging thing, which I think says something. It's been almost a year since my last post about a bug in my ear. A lot has changed and then, also not a lot has changed.

I've thought about how to revive this blog, what I'd need to do to bring everyone or anyone or myself up to speed but you know what? I don't have to. This is my space. And I do what I want. I don't need to write some long post about the ups and downs of the last year, I'm interested in the now, the present and the future. And despite my being poor, living at home and still in school, life is relatively great.

Recap of a few things from the past year (cause I can't leave it behind completely):
-moved back home. a good and bad decision.
-graduation is nigh. as in, next december.
-made some new friends this summer who have made more of a difference in my life than they'll ever know.
-along those lines ^ I have realized that I have some of the most amazing friends. Never before have I needed the support of those around me more than this year and they really stepped up and helped me through everything.
-went on a fantastic, fabulous trip to san fran (just barely, a few weeks ago).

Just a conglomeration of a few major moments, but there have been others, and even more thoughts and ideas that have happened. 
A few photos to show you that I didn't die and then rise from the dead:
 Halloween at work. Can you guess my costume?
 Another Halloween costume. I used my friend's (the clown) costume her mother made. It was fantastic.
New Years Eve 2012 (or do people say New Years Eve 2013? It was this past New Years regardless)

In summation, I'm back. I am excited to be back and I'm excited to share what's going on in my life, cause it's pretty good and ain't nobody gonna take that away from me. 

-Not pictured is Boyf. he still exists. My next post about San Fran will have some pictures of him, never fear.