Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so much for saving

so, lately i've been doing this thing where (just about every week) i write down a list of stuff i want, or need, and then i buy them. it's a good system, for a millionaire, but a bad system for me because it's pretty much drained me. Last week i decided i can't do that anymore... except that there are two things left on my list: capris/shorts and flip flops. I felt like it would be okay to keep these things in a list in the back of my mind, because it's really too cold to be wearing either. so that was the plan.

I say was because when i logged onto jcrew today and found that the flip flops i knew i'd be getting somewhere down the road are now on sale, how could i pass this up? what if they ran out by the time i decided it was time to buy them? so of course i ordered them. but hey, they were only $12, so that's good right? but then to get free shipping i had to get something full price. so next week i will be the proud owner of new flip flops and lobster boxers.

...someone help me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Straight from my dreams

So i will admit that i love all things wedding. especially dresses (man are my parents in for it when i get married), but i am pretty sure i found the dress of my dreams. Mostly it's just the bottom half of the dress that i love. It's so amazingly beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. unfortunately i can't get the picture, so you'll just have to go here to see it, and the wedding photos are for Hillary and Joe's wedding. I just love all the colored tulle under and the vintage shoes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chad after the dentist

okay, so you've probably seen "david after dentist" but have you seen "Chad after dentist"?

Another from "All the Wrong People Have Self-esteem"

i taught my cats to spoon.
they're from queens so they
picked it up right away.
in fact, they really got into it!
but after a while they wanted
to branch out-
i guess they were bored.
they wanted to do this thing where
we were a butter dish, 2 napkin rings,
and a salad fork.

i said nothing doing.
this is too weird for me
it's over.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What a coincidence

once upon a time, I was at a cousins wedding reception. My brother was in front of my in line to sign the wedding book. When it was finally my turn I looked down to see that my brother had signed it for me, and also signed my name "Lynzee".

Last night working at Jcrew I met a girl name Lynze (pronounced Lindsey). yes. Lynze. We then proceeded to talk about all of the weird name things we have experienced. For example, she told me she had a brother named Matt as well as a boyfriend name Matt. I told her I had a brother named Mike, and about a year ago dated a guy named Mike, and then this Saturday am going on a date with another guy named Mike.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I need your help...

I must ask for all of your help in reminding me to NEVER watch this movie again.

Last Friday my friends and I decided to have a musical marathon. I insisted that we watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which I could never regret. It was great, all the brothers are too handsome (well except for caleb and ephraim) and the music is fabulous. Our next decision (and I'm honestly not quite sure how we all agreed upon it) was Pete's Dragon. I think we all agreed that the movie could have been a hundred times better if Pete's character was played by someone else. We joked that he could only have gotten the part through family connections or something. There are only a few good numbers in there, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that John Conaway was one of the Gogan Brothers, but alas, I still deeply regret it. Not only can I not get a few of the songs out of my head, it has landed me with the nickname of Lampy (mickey rooney's character). Before my friend called me dimples, now I am stuck with Lampy, and I tried my best to rid myself of it, but I'm afraid it has stuck and for how long I do not know.