Friday, October 30, 2009

Catching Fire

Finished "Catching Fire" last Tuesday. It's the second in the "Hunger Games" series, and it was amazing. Definitely some twists and turns i didn't expect. I also didn't expect myself to become so emotionally involved, and i cried twice. I wish the third would come out now! i'm so excited for it, but i hate having to wait, by the time it comes out i'll have forgotten everything from the first and second.

twice as long!

yesterday i finally got a pedometer. it's nothing fancy but at least now i know how far i'm running. today was the first time i used it and found out that my normal morning run is a bit over 1 mile (you have to set up your stride lengths in the pedometer and i think mine is off, so in actuality i think i'm running farther than what's showing on the pedometer but at least i have a vague idea). also, since i don't have school on fridays i had enough time to go farther and so today i did twice my normal run! (yes that's over 2 miles) and that's the farthest i've gone in a couple months actually. but it felt good and i'm completely exhausted now.

plus, i think i need some warm running clothes. i had to sit on the heater in the kitchen for about a half hour just to warm my legs up and i still have a cold-leg sensation.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin carving!

last saturday all my gal pals and their significant other (husband, boyfs.) had a halloweeny group date! we went on a somewhat pathetic wagon ride at wheeler farm (it was pathetic but still enjoyable), then went back to Brad's (mel's boyf) to carve pumpkins and watch a halloween themed movie (we chose the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer). it's so fun to go on group dates, but when it's not an awkward set up, when it's actually with husbands or boyfs. love it! also love doing halloween themed activities.

we gave ours a handlebar mustache, kind of ended up looking like a bunny or cat with a mustache.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

complete satisfaction

i love the feeling of being totally and completely ecstatic about new things. for example, tuesday was the first day that i wore my new coat and it's so happy on me. it fits perfectly and i get comments up and down about it.
also, remember those boots i bought and then they ended up being too skinny for my calves? well i returned them. and instead of getting a different pair of boots (basically i decided i couldn't afford that much) i decided to get some new keds. i have a pair of blue van sneakers that i adore and i wear them with everything, skirts, tights, leggings, jeans; but they are really starting to get haggard and i decided i should get some black ones and then i could really wear those with everything. but as i began looking at vans i wanted i noticed most were over $40. and usually that wouldn't even phase me, but i really am trying to be frugal. THEN i went to nordys and saw some black keds and thought, hey, those are basically the same type of shoe as vans, i wonder how much they cost. as i overturned the display shoe i saw $29.00. that was definitely affordable. i planned to return at a later date for purchasing. but i haven't been able to make it out there, so i thought i'd just look at them online at nordys. when i went to the website they were offering free shipping on any shoe purchase! i immediately ordered them.

that was monday, today they came about 15 minutes before i had to leave for work.

needless to say my feet are very happy today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one blog i absolutely adore and love checking every day and even every few hours is Snippet & Ink: daily wedding inspiration. whoever it is that runs the blog is an absolute genius. i'm pretty sure that all of my wedding ideas will come from this website, i've already found the perfect dress because of it.
anyway... today a wedding shoot was posted and the bride is a childrens author and illustrator and she made some illustrations of herself and her husband and bunnies and incorporated them throughout the wedding!

anyone who knows me knows i love bunnies, and when i saw this i was all smiles, and still am. i truly think that is one of the cutest ideas ever. they even made pin-on buttons for guests to take home of two very cute bunnies holding hands. SO CUTE!

Melissa and Jeff

i'm terrible and haven't posted any pics from melis and jeff's wedding. pretty much i'm just stealing them from her blog slash facebook, but oh well.

okay so honestly i think this picture is so cute, of everyone else. i hate to be the stick in the mud and bash on myself but man, look at my arm. could it look any grosser?
this was such a happy day. and i have to say that Melis and Jeff are probably the best example of a happy good couple i know. for some reason no matter what they have always been able to keep things together and i know that they really love each other. thanks for being such good examples to me, as individuals and as a couple!

also, i really like the prof. pic of me and boyf. i think i like it better in color but the black and white one is cute too. also, i was really glad he wore his glasses that day :) 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



i have decided i am DONE with being sick. it's been about a month now and as i have mentioned earlier i am SO done being the sick person in class always sniffing their nose; and coughing up phlegm is probably the grossest thing ever, especially when i'm someplace that i can't get rid of it (for example if i cough some up in class what am i going to do? i don't want to swallow it (that was probably tmi for you)). it's just getting to be too much and too gross. So, after talking to coworkers yesterday and thinking about how to overcome this today i bought some mucinex (took my first dose about an hour ago(and p.s. it's pretty expensive)), i'm drinking some grapefruit juice (citrus is good for colds, so is vitamin c which is in the juice) and at home i have a daily vitamin with even more vitamin c waiting for me. also, i heard that grape seed extract is really cleansing, so maybe tomo i'll pick some up at whole foods.

i have also decided that i need a planner. i'm so disorganized and every day is so unplanned. probably the only set thing i have every day is school (and even then sometimes that doesn't work out) and work. But every time i try to use a planner it doesn't work. I don't like having a certain allotment of paper for each day, sometimes i need to write a lot and sometimes i just need some paper to write down a song i need to get or a website i need to go to and i don't like doing that on a dated space. lately before bed i've been writing down a guideline for the next day and putting it on my chalkboard. but that still is not as effective as i'd like. so to fix my problem i bought a small moleskin today. it's red, with a bookmarker and even has a little pocket in the back. Already i'm excited about it and my first page is completely filled up. and to help myself stay on top of things and to stay organized within the organizer i have color coded my entries with my special triplus fineliner pens that boyf. bought me last week.
Black-the days plans as well as any miscellaneous notes
Blue-spanish homework
Green- atmosphere homework
Red-check off completed activities.

i know this is all sort of ridiculous but if you knew how unplanned my life was you'd realize how necessary it is. i'm excited to get organized AND to ditch this cold!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 biggest pet peeves

1) lateness. I hate it when people are late, it so drives me up the wall. all i can think of while i'm waiting for the person/people is why could they have not been on time like me. I am so punctual even when i try to be late i'm early.

2) when i (or possibly someone else) will cover a spider with a cup and then no one will get rid of it. i hate seeing it day after day. why do you think i covered it in the first place?

Monday, October 12, 2009


1) finally went to the doctor. she said i just had a bad cold but since i was pushing three weeks she put me on antibiotics. today was my last day on the meds and i'm still not 100% but i am much better. i'm hoping i'll be better in time for camping.

2)sent back the boots that were too small for my calves. i had ever intention of buying the "easy rider" boots i posted earlier but they aren't expected to ship until dec. so i've been looking elsewhere but haven't found any that are as desirable.

3)bought some new running shoes today. went to the running store in FTH and they had me run on the treadmill and then we watched it play back slow to determine which shoes i needed. and no they weren't $140, but they were still $100. boo.

4)fall break this week! no school! hooray! just two days of work. one day off, that i intend to spend at nordy's. and then from thurs-sun camping in escalante.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i think i've been sick going on two weeks now and i'm so totally done with being sick! i hate being the sniffly nose, coughing kid in class, and i hate having to go to work when i'm sick. yes, i have used sick days but i can't use all of them now! why won't this go away? and right before fall break! what if it doesn't go away by fall break and i can't go camping? ugh.

probably the most worst thing is that today when i was bored on desk i was looking at health magazine online. they had a symptoms bar where you enter your symptom and it tells you what you could have. so of course i did it. i could only enter one symptom so i chose cough. it came up with a lot of scary possibilities. and the organization of the list was also scary. every possible disease showed up before the common cold. all i can think about now, is "if this doesn't go away soon i could really be sick." as i was looking through the symptoms of each disease the one most resembling my illness is TB. i didn't make it to the common cold, but there are a lot of symptoms of TB that sound really familiar. coughing, and coughing up grossness (i hasn't become blood yet, thank goodness) and pain, and tiredness. although i guess a lot of colds are like that. but i am getting a little paranoid.

book update

okay, last night i finally finished "My Antonia". It took me longer because i had to take a break and read a different book that i simply could not put down, i read most of it one sunday afternoon, but i'll get to that book later. My Antonia was a great novel, i think the real reason i enjoyed it is because it was a really good look into a pioneers life (not momo. pioneer) but it was really interesting. I think the way you can tell an author is good is if you truly care for the characters and i really felt for them in this book. they had real trials, different than what we face today. I have to say i wasn't absolutely completely satisfied with the ending but i'm still very glad i read it.

"The Hunger Games" is probably one of the best books i've read this year. I was so glued to it i think i sat and read it for 3 straight hours one sunday. It was so unbelievably good! if you don't know anything about it i'll give you a quick, very brief summary. It takes place far in the future and basically every kid, once they turn 12 and going up until they are 18 have to enter their name in a drawing for something called the hunger games. the hunger games take place annually and a boy and girl from each district have to participate. Basically they have to fight each other to the death. it sounds absolutely barbaric and the idea is, but man is it a good book. i really can't wait for my turn to read the second one!

Friday, October 2, 2009

please tell me it's okay to buy these.

i think they are super chic. and yes i know i just barely bought those other boots but guess what? my calves wouldn't allow me to wear them. yes, my legs are too fat for those zip ups. but i have faith in these. if only they weren't so dang expensive