Thursday, October 22, 2009

complete satisfaction

i love the feeling of being totally and completely ecstatic about new things. for example, tuesday was the first day that i wore my new coat and it's so happy on me. it fits perfectly and i get comments up and down about it.
also, remember those boots i bought and then they ended up being too skinny for my calves? well i returned them. and instead of getting a different pair of boots (basically i decided i couldn't afford that much) i decided to get some new keds. i have a pair of blue van sneakers that i adore and i wear them with everything, skirts, tights, leggings, jeans; but they are really starting to get haggard and i decided i should get some black ones and then i could really wear those with everything. but as i began looking at vans i wanted i noticed most were over $40. and usually that wouldn't even phase me, but i really am trying to be frugal. THEN i went to nordys and saw some black keds and thought, hey, those are basically the same type of shoe as vans, i wonder how much they cost. as i overturned the display shoe i saw $29.00. that was definitely affordable. i planned to return at a later date for purchasing. but i haven't been able to make it out there, so i thought i'd just look at them online at nordys. when i went to the website they were offering free shipping on any shoe purchase! i immediately ordered them.

that was monday, today they came about 15 minutes before i had to leave for work.

needless to say my feet are very happy today.

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