Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melissa and Jeff

i'm terrible and haven't posted any pics from melis and jeff's wedding. pretty much i'm just stealing them from her blog slash facebook, but oh well.

okay so honestly i think this picture is so cute, of everyone else. i hate to be the stick in the mud and bash on myself but man, look at my arm. could it look any grosser?
this was such a happy day. and i have to say that Melis and Jeff are probably the best example of a happy good couple i know. for some reason no matter what they have always been able to keep things together and i know that they really love each other. thanks for being such good examples to me, as individuals and as a couple!

also, i really like the prof. pic of me and boyf. i think i like it better in color but the black and white one is cute too. also, i was really glad he wore his glasses that day :) 

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  1. Aw Linz! Thanks for posting these! And thank you for your nice comments about Jeff and I. Thanks for being a loyal friend and being there for us on that happy day. :) Love you!