Monday, October 12, 2009


1) finally went to the doctor. she said i just had a bad cold but since i was pushing three weeks she put me on antibiotics. today was my last day on the meds and i'm still not 100% but i am much better. i'm hoping i'll be better in time for camping.

2)sent back the boots that were too small for my calves. i had ever intention of buying the "easy rider" boots i posted earlier but they aren't expected to ship until dec. so i've been looking elsewhere but haven't found any that are as desirable.

3)bought some new running shoes today. went to the running store in FTH and they had me run on the treadmill and then we watched it play back slow to determine which shoes i needed. and no they weren't $140, but they were still $100. boo.

4)fall break this week! no school! hooray! just two days of work. one day off, that i intend to spend at nordy's. and then from thurs-sun camping in escalante.

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