Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i think i've been sick going on two weeks now and i'm so totally done with being sick! i hate being the sniffly nose, coughing kid in class, and i hate having to go to work when i'm sick. yes, i have used sick days but i can't use all of them now! why won't this go away? and right before fall break! what if it doesn't go away by fall break and i can't go camping? ugh.

probably the most worst thing is that today when i was bored on desk i was looking at health magazine online. they had a symptoms bar where you enter your symptom and it tells you what you could have. so of course i did it. i could only enter one symptom so i chose cough. it came up with a lot of scary possibilities. and the organization of the list was also scary. every possible disease showed up before the common cold. all i can think about now, is "if this doesn't go away soon i could really be sick." as i was looking through the symptoms of each disease the one most resembling my illness is TB. i didn't make it to the common cold, but there are a lot of symptoms of TB that sound really familiar. coughing, and coughing up grossness (i hasn't become blood yet, thank goodness) and pain, and tiredness. although i guess a lot of colds are like that. but i am getting a little paranoid.

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