Thursday, December 16, 2010

dying for...

...a dog. I think I've looked at the humane society's website 3 or 4 times today, really.  I miss having the company of a dog around, they are always so happy and loving, and the best are when they are snuggly. I really wish I could get one right now, and the apartment I'm in allows them, but when I have to move again in august who knows if i'll be able to find a place that allows dogs (that's also in my price range).

I keep telling myself that I can wait till I'm graduated, but that's going to be a few years yet and that seems like such a long time. Oh well, I guess that's just more incentive to get it over with, right?

I still have my dream of having a puppy and bunny being best friends, of course, but now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have a doggie of my own in a few years.

p.s. don't tell my dad. he'll just tell me that if i want to be around a dog i can always move back home.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ZCMI christmas windows

Does anyone remember the old ZCMI christmas window displays that were made entirely of candy? I was thinking about christmas memories from my childhood and I think that may be one of my favorites. I adored going shopping with my Mom downtown and looking in those magical candy windows. We'd have so much fun and then we'd go down to the basement level that had all the candy and she'd buy me some cherry sour balls, or that candy mix that had boston baked beans (is that what they're called?). I really miss those windows! Throngs of people would be squished in front trying to get a glimpse of the candy wonderlands.

I was so sad when I got to work today and tried to google image pictures of the windows but with every word combination I came up with I couldn't find any pictures. So I'll just have to hold on the memories and hope that I don't forget them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Time

Here is my small, 3 foot table top pre-lit, fake christmas tree (If you look really closely to the middle you can kind of see a brown thing with a red spot, that's the cute reindeer ornament my biggest sis gave me). And despite it's size and faux-ness I still love it. This is pre decorations of any kind, and my roomie has sweet-a lights from the 50s that look kind of like candles but they are diff. colors and they bubble; but you have to watch them so they don't over heat. I'm pretty sure christmas time is the best time of year. Snuggling with Hot C, Christmas trees, candy canes, christmas movies, presents (giving and getting of course, especially giving this year!) and all the people spending lots of money at the crew, and everyone's cheery attitude!

So far I haven't participated in many christmas activities, but I hope that will soon change. Since I don't have that awesome of a christmas tree this year I'm going to the parents house this thursday to help the decorate their real, big, awesome smelling tree! I'm pretty excited because we have some killer decorations from who knows when and even some that my mom made in the late 70s that are just classic. Don't worry I'll take pictures.
Then I plan to watch many a christmas movies, and this is a must since the boyf is very unfamilliar with pretty much any christmas themed anything (he does know some christmas time songs though).
Christmas movie list:
-Elf (possibly a few times?)
-It's a Wonderful Life (this is probably the only one that can be omitted if we run out of time. it's a classic but i have seen it too many times to count)
-Christmas Story
-Frosty the Snowman (my niece and nephew will help with this one)
-Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (claymation version. the kids will also help with this one)
-National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
-The Holiday (love Jack Black in this movie. I'm so positive that his character in this movie is just like he is in real life because he's so the best in this movie. Seriously, if I was not with boyf, and jack black wasn't married with kids, i could see a future there.)
-Love Actually (this is possibly the best christmas movie ever, I obv own it and am not opposed to several viewings throughout the year)
-About a Boy (I suppose you could say this is not a christmas movie, but his dad wrote a famous christmas song which is even played in the movie, and the movie has two christmases in it, both major moments in the main characters life. needless to say this is one of my most favoritest movies)
I suppose that's all for the list and if I add one more boyf might never want to celebrate christmas again.
As far as other christmas activities go, we have our family christmas party of course, which is always so fun. and probably other parties that will spring up a long the way. I would say ice skating, but i'm okay going without it this year. although it's entirely possible that i'll get dragged into it. I don't mind it, but it's kind of like sledding, so fun for a minute and then you're cold, and you get snow somewhere it doesn't belong (or in the case of ice skating, you fall down hard, someone runs into you, and your feet start to hurt). although, hot c and snuggling often accompany ice skating. so i guess it's give and take.

Mostly I'm super excited for boyf's christmas present this year. We have a $ limit, which was really hard for me at first. I tend to go overboard when giving to boyf (see last christmas and birthday. for real) so I had originally settled on something nice, but kind of boring (and I'm not going to say what it was just in case he reads this and is disappointed I picked something else). But then I had this brilliant idea and it truly is such a good idea! And I know he'll be super surprised. He thinks he knows one of his presents, and he might, but it's also a pretty good one so that's okay. But there is no way in a million years he'll guess his others, so Christmas morning is going to be so fun! Can't wait, and I tell him this a lot lately. Hopefully I'm not blowing it up too big, but I don't think I am. :)

Also, I finally took a pic of my fuzzy, extremely warm red blanket that is so big for my bed I have to fold it up all over it so that it's not touching the ground.

it's also getting everything red and fuzzy, but oh well. it was worth it!