Friday, April 30, 2010

growing up.

Tomorrow I am signing the lease on my first apartment. I couldn't be more excited! I'll be living with a friend from the library that i've known for quite some time. it's funny because it seems like almost ever since i've worked there and known her, every time any of her leases have been up we've talked about moving in together but it just never worked out until now. we've got a great place on 1st avenue, just behind the einsteins on south temple. it's a big blue building, and the apartment is pretty big and will be comfortable for the two of us.
mostly i just can't believe this is actually happening. i've wanted to move out for quite some time now, and it always seemed like i was doomed to live at home. so as of sometime tomorrow i will officially be an adult, paying rent and buying my own groceries and all of that sort of thing. don't worry though, i'm not completely grown up, i don't have a credit card yet so that's still to come but all in all, pretty exciting!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

tuesday was a sad day.

This past Tuesday I gave away my one and only Pancakes (my bunny rabbit). I'm moving out in a few days and just really couldn't take care of him anymore. you wouldn't think so but my little bunny rabbit was a bit of an expense. So i gave him to a (hopefully) good family that has some bunnies as well as other animals too. Don't worry, i really made sure they know how to take care of bunnies, i specifically asked them if he would be inside but still get to be outside to exercise, if they would feed him fresh fruit and veggies, all that sort of thing, they probably thought i was a nut.
I'm really sad to have him gone, and definitely had my cry, actually i sobbed twice! but i think he's safe and hopefully happy and has made some new bunny friends.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

it's soo close

School is almost out for the semester! I'm done with everything on Tuesday, which means that I'm mad studying (except for now obviously) all today and tomorrow! This semester has been a total drag and I can't wait to get it over with. Starting wednesday i get to sleep in till 8 and i don't have to go on runs in the dark, too early morning. hooray!

Monday, April 19, 2010

1/2 marathon

saturday was the day of the big race. and i finished. my time was 2 hrs 51 min. and i'm not gonna lie that's not so great. my sister in law and her sis were so awesome and finished under 2 hours! i thought that i would be done after this race, really i have told countless people that i will not be doing another race (at least 1/2 marathon) again. BUT now that i've done it, i kind of want to do it again. at the very least i want to be able to beat that whopping 2 hrs and 51 min. so i think i will. but not till the next salt lake marathon, i don't want to do it THAT bad, a year break is a very good sized break, i think.

also, i just bought a bike, it's a very old women's bianchi, but more on that to come later. (once i get a basket and new seat for it i'll show you a pic)

Marais shoes!

 i have discovered these shoes, and pretty much all of them are to die for (except maybe the sneakers but i wouldn't say no to a free pair). Go check them out here
I want the Kitten Heel in cobalt and pink and the Mary Janes in easter, and pretty much all other colors.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

apt hunting

so mel and i are looking for apts. and i am so tired of people not being honest in their ads or being flaky and what not. seriously. today i was all set to go look at this fabulous place and when i get there and knock on the door. the lady calls me immediately and tells me that the apartment was already given to someone. WTF?! (really, i mean wtf) why didn't she call me sooner? and why didn't she have the decency to at least tell me face to face? really as soon as i knocked on the door she called. so she was basically waiting for me to knock.

and yesterday mel went to check out an apt that seemed to be equally as promising but when she got there she was, like, uh where are the bedrooms? turns out it was one of those situations where there really isn't two bedrooms there's just a large living-type room that they were trying to pull off as a bedroom.

i really didn't think apt hunting was going to be this hard. and all i can say to anyone out there who is renting an apartment or for that matter selling ANYTHING be completely forthright!


so like i said i've been looking for bicycles, and i've been checking ksl a lot and craigslist but i'm just not seeing ones that i love, or i see ones that are awesome but only a little bit cheaper than a brand new one, so what's the point? i went to the bike collective yesterday and didn't see hardly anything it was very disappointing. then i decided on my way back home to check out guthrie bicycle. they had great bikes, and i have found the three that i want most, and are still way out of my price range.

i guess if i were really into bikes these really aren't all that expenso but i just don't want to have to spend that kind of money. although i probably will. i wonder if the bike collective is just one of those places that you have to check, like, every week?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

four year old soccer games.. just as fun and hilarious as it sounds. all the little kids in their soccer uniforms dancing and skipping down the field, scoring goals for the wrong team, and giving each other kisses on the cheek. what could be better than that?

Yesterday I got to watch Charlie play a soccer game and it was so fun. the kids were absolutely adorable and while we were having fun cheering them on, trying to direct them to the right goal i think they were having just as much fun skipping and twirling and holding hands running back and forth down the field.
here are some good action shots:

Charlies team color is orange and their group huddle at the end was pretty cute, they all put their hands in and yelled "Orangecicles!!!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Paint Cats

Why Paint Cats.....look it up if you don't already know.

actually, it's some crazy book i found at the library about these artists that paint (or dye i suppose) cats. it's weird. and kind of hilarious. there are pictures of cats that are dyed to look like the colors of some guys kilt. the best though, is at the end of the book and the cat has painted whiskers, couldn't find a pic of it though. people are weird, and will spend money on weird things (it's expenso to have your cat painted)

Friday, April 9, 2010


i do have an adorable video of my pancakes eating apples and licking the juices off his face but for some reason i'm just not competent enough to figure out how to load a video on here. (i did read directions on how to, but when i go to post there is no video button to click on) but i'll figure it out someway, somehow. cause you should all see just how cute little pannycakes is.

Just Because I Have One...

doesn't mean that I'm not just as obsessed as I've always been. So for easter my Mom gave me another cute little bunny to add to my collection (of only 3, but hey you have to start somewhere)
she's pretty cute.

the pic quality isn't so great, but she really is cute and soft with a floral print for her ears

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I really want a bicycle. really. I am so jealous of people I see riding to school and around on a cute bike. I want to be the one riding to school on a cute bike and I want to be the riding around town on a cute bike. I am constantly checking ksl and craigslist but i'm just not seeing any acceptable bikes in my price range. I found these two that i adore but they are just a little more than i'm willing to pay.

The first one is my favorite, although it's a fixed gear. the second one is a close second and i'd have to get a basket for the front but that's not such a big deal. If only they would lower the price, by a lot.

Monday, April 5, 2010

spring sneaks

i need some new spring sneakers. The lovely keds i've had for the past year are starting to get worn and smelly (ew). I'm debating between these two, and the price doesn't matter they'd be about the same. but i'm just not sure, they're both pretty cute.

any opinions?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Auberge De Chasignolles

Usually on my breaks at the library I'll read a magazine, and today i picked up Travel+Leisure, which is fun and hard at the same time because i wish i could go on fabulous vacations but i can't. i was looking through a particular article about little known villages to visit and of course they were all out-of-a-movie cute with millionaire prices. But i came across the Auberge De Chassignolles in France where it costs roughly $77 a night to stay and it's absolutely beautiful. Apparently two world renowned chefs bought up the inn and have kept the prices cheap and the food delish. and they will even make up a picnic basket for you to take out on a walk. how fun is that? now if only i could afford a plane ticket to France i'd be all for it.

I'm really itching for a vacation. a decent one at that.