Thursday, April 15, 2010

apt hunting

so mel and i are looking for apts. and i am so tired of people not being honest in their ads or being flaky and what not. seriously. today i was all set to go look at this fabulous place and when i get there and knock on the door. the lady calls me immediately and tells me that the apartment was already given to someone. WTF?! (really, i mean wtf) why didn't she call me sooner? and why didn't she have the decency to at least tell me face to face? really as soon as i knocked on the door she called. so she was basically waiting for me to knock.

and yesterday mel went to check out an apt that seemed to be equally as promising but when she got there she was, like, uh where are the bedrooms? turns out it was one of those situations where there really isn't two bedrooms there's just a large living-type room that they were trying to pull off as a bedroom.

i really didn't think apt hunting was going to be this hard. and all i can say to anyone out there who is renting an apartment or for that matter selling ANYTHING be completely forthright!

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