Thursday, April 8, 2010


I really want a bicycle. really. I am so jealous of people I see riding to school and around on a cute bike. I want to be the one riding to school on a cute bike and I want to be the riding around town on a cute bike. I am constantly checking ksl and craigslist but i'm just not seeing any acceptable bikes in my price range. I found these two that i adore but they are just a little more than i'm willing to pay.

The first one is my favorite, although it's a fixed gear. the second one is a close second and i'd have to get a basket for the front but that's not such a big deal. If only they would lower the price, by a lot.

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  1. have you looked at the ones in front of Retro Rose? I am assuming they are for sale and not decoration. You should see how much they are... but I don't know anything about bikes, so they might not be great quality.