Friday, April 2, 2010

Auberge De Chasignolles

Usually on my breaks at the library I'll read a magazine, and today i picked up Travel+Leisure, which is fun and hard at the same time because i wish i could go on fabulous vacations but i can't. i was looking through a particular article about little known villages to visit and of course they were all out-of-a-movie cute with millionaire prices. But i came across the Auberge De Chassignolles in France where it costs roughly $77 a night to stay and it's absolutely beautiful. Apparently two world renowned chefs bought up the inn and have kept the prices cheap and the food delish. and they will even make up a picnic basket for you to take out on a walk. how fun is that? now if only i could afford a plane ticket to France i'd be all for it.

I'm really itching for a vacation. a decent one at that.

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