Saturday, March 27, 2010

the farthest yet

today i ran the farthest i've run so far. i went 9 1/2 miles! my route did have some hills, and a few that were pretty steep so i walked those, so i guess i cheated a little but i can't believe that i was able to do that! it's amazing how hard my short runs during the week can feel and then i can bust out 9 on a saturday. the big race is only a few weeks away, and i was nervous before, and am still but i'm confident that i'll at least be able to finish it.

also, after much experimenting i have discovered the perfect energy supplement for my runs: clif shot blockers! SO much better than those nasty gels or goos, seriously. it's pretty much just a gummy, and it doesn't taste terrible! yay! also, i take lemon-lime gatorade with me.


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  3. =O should be doing exercise... but i don´t since i went to the cardiologist last year....

  4. Good job! You're on your way to half marathon!!

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  6. damn. I am going to be there when you finish your half marathon and I finish my half k. haha. but seriously, you're awesome.