Monday, March 15, 2010

sweet discovery

I read in a magazine that the "Newman's Own" peanut butter cups are delish, organic, and 3 is only 190 calories. so, i went to whole foods today and bought two packs. i couldn't wait to try them. i have recently accepted the fact that i will never be able to cut out sugar all together. i really can't, i like it too much and am always craving it. and when i try to cut it out of my diet i'll slip a day and then go crazy with my sugar intake. it's true. the trick is finding ways to have my treats without overkill. so after my dinner i tried them and they were fantastic! i was a little skeptical because i'd had a newmans candy bar a while ago and didn't love it. but these are so yummy, and what i really like about them is that the peanut butter filling tastes like actual peanut butter. i definitely recommend giving them a try.

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