Monday, June 29, 2009

fifteen minutes

one of my friends from the crew is training for a race in october that i can't remember the name of, but it's similar to the wasatch back. To train for it she is running four times a week for 15 minutes for the month of july, in august she moves it up to 20 minutes and then in september i think it goes to 30. I told her that i would do the training with her, because in my mind i'm thinking how hard could 15 minutes of jogging be?

i started today and it basically kicked my butt. i took my phone with me to make sure i did the full 15 and the last three minutes were pure torture. i just stared at my phone thinking, how long could three minutes possibly be? maybe it was all in my head and it was just hard because i was watching the clock so intently, but man it was a lot harder than i thought.
i'm determined to keep up with it though, it can only get easier from here on out right?

p.s. that is def. me this morning, barely jogging, just trudging along at liberty park.

Friday, June 26, 2009

found this on sexy people obviously she was a dressed for a thriller dance. thought i would post it in lieu of mj's death.

obviously it was a suicide. don't believe me? we can debate it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

for a wedding

one of my besties is getting married. i need some cream/ivory shoes for my bridesmaid outfit. so yes, i am justified in this purchase.

opinions? does the color fall under the description of ivory/cream? it's color name is "natural" i think they're super cute!

Monday, June 22, 2009

be proud

be proud of me.

today i returned one of the dresses i bought at the Loft (the paisley one) and a swim suit i bought at old navy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

dino big

while my brother and his wife moved into their new house we babysat my nephew, Charlie and niece, Maggie. During their stay my nephew taught me something, a new form of measurement. if something is big (big bites, etc.) or if an answer is unknown (such as "what does a bunny say?" or "what does a crocodile say?") the default answer is always "Dinosaur", and it's always said in a very growly voice.

For example:
-big bites are dinosaur bites
-a bunny says (in an extremely loud, very growly voice) "Dinosaur bunny!!!!"
-a crocodile says (also in growly voice) "Dinosaur crocodile!!!!"

as this was very funny, it was also helpful. i had no idea what a bunny said until this week. and, although i have not heard my bunny make that noise i'm sure it's just because he's a little shy.

i could show you

j.crew got some new stuff online. and there are many items that i want, and that i could show you. but i won't. ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009


here are the two dresses. the end. promise.

done. promise.

i'm done. done shopping this summer. i've got everything i could need for the summer. i recently bought two pairs of shorts so i'm good in that department, as well as two new skirts, the lovely new dress i got for my birthday. Plus, today i bought two more new dresses. i know. but one was on sale and the other looks absolutely fabulous on. so i got two dresses for under $100 which i think is pretty great. i have to say though, i got them from my most hated store. i don't even know what possessed me to go in the store in the first place. but i did, and honestly i didn't like much of what i saw, but these two dresses are great. love them.

and i promise i'm done. i really can't afford to be shopping more anyway, my goal is to move out this fall and shopping is not going to get me there. if, however, anyone can help me justify buying these beauties please do. i want them so badly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

happy to me!

This last Tuesday was my 21st birthday! yay! to celebrate i took the whole day off and the adorable BF planned a day filled with fun and surprises!

First, we went to lunch at Bruges. It's an authentic Belgian waffle shop and boy were they delish! i chose a cinnamon waffle with dark belgian chocolate drizzled all over it, while Jason had a cinnamon waffle with creme fraiche. i've never had a more yummy waffle in my life. go there! (it's on 300 South between 300 and 400 west)

after we finished eating Jason excused himself from the table, i assumed he was going to the bathroom or something, but when he came back he had a big anthro. bag in his hand. Before he had picked me up he went to Bruges and asked them to hold my present. So, cute! but what was even cuter was the gift. he gave me the most adorable blue and white striped dress with ruffles down the left side and earrings to match perfectly! if you can't already tell i have a pretty fab. BF.

Then it was off to the zoo for animal adorableness. we got there just in time to see the zookeeper show off one of the elephants who is pregnant and going to give birth in august! how cute will it be to have a baby elephant at our zoo! We had so much fun seeing all the animals. one of our favorites was a yellow monkey. really, a yellow monkey. i had never seen it before and it came right up to us and put his hands against the glass. too cute.

For dinner we went to my fav. restaurant, Tokai Sushi 4 You. best sushi ever, it really is. then after dinner we went back to Jason's and he surprised me with ANOTHER gift! It was a necklace from Nordy's that I have been coveting ever since i saw it. We then had ice cream and watched one of our favorite shows Firefly.

I have to say, maybe the best birthday yet! so full of surprises and a whole day with Jason, what could be better?

Friday, June 5, 2009

i've been bad

so i've been really bad.

i haven't even told you all how i now have my very own Pancake. about two weeks ago my dad called me at work and asked me if i still want a rabbit! as you can guess i was jumping up and down and saying a lot of yeses and oh my goshes and what does it look like. turns out my dad's coworker found it in his garden. so instead of taking it to the humane society i get him! i haven't taken any pics with my camera yet, so that's probably why i haven't posted about him yet. i did take him to the vet for a check up and she told me it's a young boy and that he is in good health.

so as you can guess his name is Pancake, but i call him Pannycake. he's pretty cute, so fuzzy and just the most adorable thing ever.

don't worry, i do promise to take pics soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i found it, i found it, i found it, i found it, i found it...

okay. so about two years ago i had a t.rex phase. and it was wonderful and i still love him, but it was an everyday thing and not just a pleasant surprise when it showed up when my ipod was on shuffle. huge phase. loved him. my banjo teacher and i would always talk about music we were into and that sort of thing and when i told him that i was into t.rex he told me about a performance of his on the midnight show and that it was fantastic! he said that the backup singers were a riot and that t.rex was just great on stage.

up until about a week ago i suffered from extremely slow internet speed at home and so no youtubing was allowed because it just couldn't load a whole video. very discouraging. however, now that we finally have comcast life is so much greater, especially since today i did it! i found the video of t.rex. it's so amazing! now, i know it seems a little long, but after minute 4 it really starts to pick up. and if you can stick it out to the end you will be thankful you did. i don't want to spoil any surprises, but just know that in the video there is a whip, a feather boa and some explosions. now watch!

another graduation!

A week after my brother Michael graduated from medical school from the air force, my other brother Billy graduated from the U's medical school! I'm so proud that my brothers have been able to accomplish all that they have. here are some heart melting pics i took from Billy's graduation.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

one small wish

one small wish for me:

I wish that everyone (everyone whose blog i have on my left hand side) would post something new everyday.

i guess it would only be fair if i did too, but honestly, i love reading them.