Monday, June 29, 2009

fifteen minutes

one of my friends from the crew is training for a race in october that i can't remember the name of, but it's similar to the wasatch back. To train for it she is running four times a week for 15 minutes for the month of july, in august she moves it up to 20 minutes and then in september i think it goes to 30. I told her that i would do the training with her, because in my mind i'm thinking how hard could 15 minutes of jogging be?

i started today and it basically kicked my butt. i took my phone with me to make sure i did the full 15 and the last three minutes were pure torture. i just stared at my phone thinking, how long could three minutes possibly be? maybe it was all in my head and it was just hard because i was watching the clock so intently, but man it was a lot harder than i thought.
i'm determined to keep up with it though, it can only get easier from here on out right?

p.s. that is def. me this morning, barely jogging, just trudging along at liberty park.

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  1. IF you're starting to run from point 0, it might be better to start with just 10 minute runs for the first week, then bump up to 15. Good job for doing that today though! you rock