Monday, June 15, 2009

done. promise.

i'm done. done shopping this summer. i've got everything i could need for the summer. i recently bought two pairs of shorts so i'm good in that department, as well as two new skirts, the lovely new dress i got for my birthday. Plus, today i bought two more new dresses. i know. but one was on sale and the other looks absolutely fabulous on. so i got two dresses for under $100 which i think is pretty great. i have to say though, i got them from my most hated store. i don't even know what possessed me to go in the store in the first place. but i did, and honestly i didn't like much of what i saw, but these two dresses are great. love them.

and i promise i'm done. i really can't afford to be shopping more anyway, my goal is to move out this fall and shopping is not going to get me there. if, however, anyone can help me justify buying these beauties please do. i want them so badly.


  1. AH! I want those shoes now too! Look what you've done!

  2. aren't they lovely? i want them badly. they are on sale at jcrew so i could get them for half off. but still it would be, like, $90. ah. but hey, if you wanted them i could get them for you. they come in a few other colors as well. plus if you had them i could look at them on you.

  3. you should get them in cream color if they have it, and then wear them at my wedding with your bridesmaid dress! that would be a totally LEGIT justification. :)