Friday, June 19, 2009

dino big

while my brother and his wife moved into their new house we babysat my nephew, Charlie and niece, Maggie. During their stay my nephew taught me something, a new form of measurement. if something is big (big bites, etc.) or if an answer is unknown (such as "what does a bunny say?" or "what does a crocodile say?") the default answer is always "Dinosaur", and it's always said in a very growly voice.

For example:
-big bites are dinosaur bites
-a bunny says (in an extremely loud, very growly voice) "Dinosaur bunny!!!!"
-a crocodile says (also in growly voice) "Dinosaur crocodile!!!!"

as this was very funny, it was also helpful. i had no idea what a bunny said until this week. and, although i have not heard my bunny make that noise i'm sure it's just because he's a little shy.

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  1. haha! That's adorable! I love nephews and nieces. They add color to our lives