Friday, June 12, 2009

happy to me!

This last Tuesday was my 21st birthday! yay! to celebrate i took the whole day off and the adorable BF planned a day filled with fun and surprises!

First, we went to lunch at Bruges. It's an authentic Belgian waffle shop and boy were they delish! i chose a cinnamon waffle with dark belgian chocolate drizzled all over it, while Jason had a cinnamon waffle with creme fraiche. i've never had a more yummy waffle in my life. go there! (it's on 300 South between 300 and 400 west)

after we finished eating Jason excused himself from the table, i assumed he was going to the bathroom or something, but when he came back he had a big anthro. bag in his hand. Before he had picked me up he went to Bruges and asked them to hold my present. So, cute! but what was even cuter was the gift. he gave me the most adorable blue and white striped dress with ruffles down the left side and earrings to match perfectly! if you can't already tell i have a pretty fab. BF.

Then it was off to the zoo for animal adorableness. we got there just in time to see the zookeeper show off one of the elephants who is pregnant and going to give birth in august! how cute will it be to have a baby elephant at our zoo! We had so much fun seeing all the animals. one of our favorites was a yellow monkey. really, a yellow monkey. i had never seen it before and it came right up to us and put his hands against the glass. too cute.

For dinner we went to my fav. restaurant, Tokai Sushi 4 You. best sushi ever, it really is. then after dinner we went back to Jason's and he surprised me with ANOTHER gift! It was a necklace from Nordy's that I have been coveting ever since i saw it. We then had ice cream and watched one of our favorite shows Firefly.

I have to say, maybe the best birthday yet! so full of surprises and a whole day with Jason, what could be better?

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