Friday, July 31, 2009

so far....and planning on...

so far this is what i have chosen. as of right now i'm wearing the suede driving mocs and they are divinely comfortable and the cardi which is really cute with the silk trim (despite the boring picture). the tank with ruffles is actually a rusty reddish color and not purple.

I now have to decide if i want the pants, the skirt or both. i'm unsure whether the pants will be cute on, but i'm pretty sure the skirt will work. someone told me i should buy both and be the better dressed for it.

-keep in mind i have gotten them all for half price or more, although this excuse is more for me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

early fall trouble

i'm at work so this has to be quick, but i just wanted you to see how much trouble i am in. (keep in mind i didn't even post the shoes or accessories)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Mr. Muggles might be the best character ev.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


because it's one of his most favoritest shows ever, i promised boyf that i would watch heroes with him. i never watched it before, thinking that i would never and could never like the show.'s okay. yeah, just okay, pretty entertaining and some of the characters are really interesting.

(spoiler alert beware)

Hiro is pretty adorable, i think i may watch the show just for his hilarious outbursts and for how funny it is when he speaks english, he's just so honest and innocent. also, i like his friend Ando, and at first ando wasn't a very good friend but after he figured out that Hiro did actually have a power it seemed like he got his act togeth and now things are good for them.

Peter is cute, but i think i may grow tired of his complicated "gift" it's getting to be kind of a nuisance. he can absorb other people's powers so basically he's turning into superman and will eventually be able to do EVERYTHING (boring!). so far he can fly, become invisible and basically not die (he's like claire now(because of claire) and can regenerate, for ex: he fell off a roof and then was able to wake up heal). It looks like he will soon be obtaining some fire power and as far as i know now he's the one who causes the huge explosion that they're all (some at least) will be working to stop. i suppose that could change though.

Claire is one i like and it's probably only because she's a teenager, her dad's some weirdo that seems to be a good dad but in the real world i can't tell if he's actually bad yet or what.

Mohinder is kind of boring. he needs to get his freaking act together, it's like, he didn't know for a long time that he should be working to help these people and pick up where his dad left off. then when he did, he wasn't/isn't doing a very good job, i feel like he's not working very hard at it. but maybe that's just because he FINALLY made the decision to do it.

Everyone loves sylar, haven't gotten too much of him yet and so far i have no real interest in him.

Matt is sad. I feel badly for him. he needs to learn to control his power because man that would be annoying. also, his wife kind of sucks.

Nathan is handsome but kind of a jerkface. he can fly and that might be the coolest power but still he's a jerk, and mean to peter his younger brother. i feel terrible for his wife, she's in a wheelchair and he's cheating on her.

Isaac has a very interesting power and until recently when he got off the heroin he was also a jerk and i felt bad for simone. she loved him and he was awful. now she is torn between him and peter.

I'm kind of getting sick of DL and Nikki/Jessica. It's like, they love each other then they hate each other (probably mostly because of "Jessica" but still!) and now their son (Micah) has a power too. oh geez, who's next? me?!

Now, as of last night's episode there's this guy that can be invisible. Pretty sure that's the most corruptible power ever.

I know this sounds pretty negative or whatev. and it's not as though i completely hate the show, it's actually pretty entertaining. But, some story lines i don't really absolutely care about.

But don't take my word for it ;)

p.s. i'm sorry if boyf. reads this, i know how much he likes it, and i promise to continue watching in hopes that i become just as obsessed.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, after our csucsie passed away getting a new friend has constantly been in the back of my mind. And, as much as i loved our dear csucsie, I do not think another vizsla is the right choice for our family. After doing some of my own research about dogs, and which would be best for us i decided upon a Newfoundland.

I informed Dad of my decision, and while he didn't outrightly turn down a Newfie (other than the fact that they have really a lot of fur) we decided right now is probably not the best time for us to get another four legged friend :(

I however, have decided that when i'm an adult and able to care for my very own dog i think i will be getting a Newfie. I know i promised myself i would be getting a golden retriever, and that's definitely still a possibility because they are so adorable and as a child i really loved our neighbors, but i really think i've found the perf. dog for me.

After some research i found out that basically they are just big teddy bears. I even found one that someone had named Sgt. Baby Bear (how adorable). They are fabulous with children and other pets; love to snuggle and don't need exorbitant amounts of exercise.

aren't they just adorable? i could snuggle with one all day!

one week down

I finished my first week of fifteen minute runs.

the first day was awful, as i already mentioned.
the second day was okay, except that it was also awful. after, like, 2 seconds i had a splitting side ache.
the third day was okay, not much to complain about, but i was glad when it was done.
today was great! i was able to actually kind of jog instead of just drag my feet, i was thinking about how much longer i could go if i did more than fifteen minutes, and i was thinking about doing it again tomorrow (that thought was quickly squashed, but at least i considered it).

maybe this running thing won't turn out to be such a bad thing.

this is me after my fifteen today, seriously, or at least what i felt like.