Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, after our csucsie passed away getting a new friend has constantly been in the back of my mind. And, as much as i loved our dear csucsie, I do not think another vizsla is the right choice for our family. After doing some of my own research about dogs, and which would be best for us i decided upon a Newfoundland.

I informed Dad of my decision, and while he didn't outrightly turn down a Newfie (other than the fact that they have really a lot of fur) we decided right now is probably not the best time for us to get another four legged friend :(

I however, have decided that when i'm an adult and able to care for my very own dog i think i will be getting a Newfie. I know i promised myself i would be getting a golden retriever, and that's definitely still a possibility because they are so adorable and as a child i really loved our neighbors, but i really think i've found the perf. dog for me.

After some research i found out that basically they are just big teddy bears. I even found one that someone had named Sgt. Baby Bear (how adorable). They are fabulous with children and other pets; love to snuggle and don't need exorbitant amounts of exercise.

aren't they just adorable? i could snuggle with one all day!

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  1. good heavens, they are so cute. there's a couple in my neighborhood who take their newfie out for a walk every night. i love watching it shuffle past my house. yesterday i was at petsmart and this couple walked in with two of the most gorgeous newfies i've ever seen! you should definitely get one.