Friday, July 31, 2009

so far....and planning on...

so far this is what i have chosen. as of right now i'm wearing the suede driving mocs and they are divinely comfortable and the cardi which is really cute with the silk trim (despite the boring picture). the tank with ruffles is actually a rusty reddish color and not purple.

I now have to decide if i want the pants, the skirt or both. i'm unsure whether the pants will be cute on, but i'm pretty sure the skirt will work. someone told me i should buy both and be the better dressed for it.

-keep in mind i have gotten them all for half price or more, although this excuse is more for me.


  1. I'm insanely jealous! The pants look fab on the model --- you should get them + the skirt. And I can't believe you own the driving mocs. I've wanted those for four years running. I'm glad to know they're as good as I hoped they would be.

  2. Can you return the pants if you dont like the way they fit? If you can, I would definitely get both and then if the pants dont work out, at least you wont have to live with the agony of "what if I had gone the pants and they ended up being super cute?"