Thursday, February 25, 2010


so, my lovely, adorable, wear everyday initial necklace that boyf gave me is being worn out. the chain has become all brassy and needs to be replaced. i'm looking online for some new chains, and i'm hoping to find a very skinny gold one (love gold) but i'm not really finding any plain chains online. i plan on going to String Beads and hope they'll have a good chain, but i did find some fabulous necklaces while searching!
of course these couldn't compare to the initial necklace but boy are they cute. until the chain is replaced i'll be alternating it with the brightly beaded necklace boyf gave me for my birthday and i'm really enjoying it today. really makes my plain white tee actually look cute.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


i've been asked a few times what my fav. spanish word is, and i am not sure i've ever put much though into it, so i usually don't have an answer, or i'll just say something dumb. BUT i have now discovered my favorite spanish word. it is pancake in spanish:
one of my favorite things is to look through the spanish version of "if you give a pig a pancake" which is actually titled "Si le das un panqueque a una cerdita" it's quite fun in my opinion to say "panqueque"

Thursday, February 11, 2010


so i had this big, huge, long post typed up about bioshock (yes, the videogame) but seeing as how no one who reads my blog cares about video games (except boyf. but he already knows all about it) i decided to scratch all that and just let you know a little bit about my interest in this video game. which, if you don't know me is extremely unusual.

so boyf. just got the new collectors edition and was showing me some stuff in it. now, just so you know, i usually say "nay" to anything and everything video game related, but he was excited and i was mildly interested. so, he's showing me the soundtrack and vinyl and art book and posters that were included. and i have to say, the posters at least, were pretty cool, and i thought it was pretty neat that they included a vinyl. the game is set in an alternate 1960 and so everything is old fashioned, which is what i was initially drawn to. so i started asking some questions and (maybe he didn't think i really cared) but he eventually told me that it was very complex and if i was interested i should just look it up on wikipedia.

once things slowed down at work today i did just that. and boy it's pretty interesting. (i started out looking up the plot to the first game) and i think it's pretty cool that depending on the choices you make throughout the game you can end up with one of two endings, one fairly happy and the other not so great. but now i have questions about the second one.

and i was hoping that this would be a somewhat shorter post but oh well. and boyf- i have some valid questions that need answering. AND i want to listen to the soundtrack.

and for anyone slightly interested i think you should look it up. apparently not all video games are created equal, meaning this one is cool. it's got a huge dystopia/ayn rand feel to it, so you have moral decisions to make and that's how you end up with good or bad endings. so it should be pretty interesting to watch.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marilee cat

Only Marilee can say this right. and i love it. so this is Marilee cat.
can you tell i'm super obsessed with lolcats?

Friday, February 5, 2010

as so jason learned....

whenever boyf smells good he tells me it's because he's been wrestling with kittens.
i guess i'm only lucky this hasn't happened yet.

major want

last night after work i ran an errand for boyf. he just happened to need me to pre-order some xbox game. i had to walk past anthro. on the way to gamestop and in the window was a lovely pair of oxfords on display. i immediately ran in and searched. this is what i found:
a whole shelf of them. they were all different and fun in their own way, the red ones were especially cute. now i just need to decide which ones i like the best. hmmm....

Thursday, February 4, 2010


have you seen commercials for the valentines day movie that has everyone in it? i know you have. anyway, you know the spot in the commercial when Taylor Swift says "I love hype"? well, i do too! i love themed everything! of course, i'm not cheesy enough to like stuff heart shaped rocks that have "love" engraved in them, give me a bit of credit. but, i do love these valentines themed pieces of jewelry i found during down time at work. most are from anthro, and the last is from etsy.

are you like me? do you love hype? i know deep down you do. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

too true

"what i thought love was is so much less than what it is"

i saw that quote here and it just totally struck me. and when i think about it i don't necessarily think about romantic love (although that definitely comes to mind, especially when thinking about boyf). a lot of the love i feel is for friends and family. i know when i think of my nieces and nephews, it's like, there isn't anything i wouldn't do for them, that's how much i love them, it's how i think of them constantly, and they come up in conversations with people who could care less about my 4 year old nephew, or hardly know me well enough to understand why the story is so funny or adorable. that's the kind of love it is. and i definitely never expected that, or maybe i knew it was there all along but i think that the realization isn't always there and then i'm struck with it, like, when i read a quote like this.