Thursday, February 11, 2010


so i had this big, huge, long post typed up about bioshock (yes, the videogame) but seeing as how no one who reads my blog cares about video games (except boyf. but he already knows all about it) i decided to scratch all that and just let you know a little bit about my interest in this video game. which, if you don't know me is extremely unusual.

so boyf. just got the new collectors edition and was showing me some stuff in it. now, just so you know, i usually say "nay" to anything and everything video game related, but he was excited and i was mildly interested. so, he's showing me the soundtrack and vinyl and art book and posters that were included. and i have to say, the posters at least, were pretty cool, and i thought it was pretty neat that they included a vinyl. the game is set in an alternate 1960 and so everything is old fashioned, which is what i was initially drawn to. so i started asking some questions and (maybe he didn't think i really cared) but he eventually told me that it was very complex and if i was interested i should just look it up on wikipedia.

once things slowed down at work today i did just that. and boy it's pretty interesting. (i started out looking up the plot to the first game) and i think it's pretty cool that depending on the choices you make throughout the game you can end up with one of two endings, one fairly happy and the other not so great. but now i have questions about the second one.

and i was hoping that this would be a somewhat shorter post but oh well. and boyf- i have some valid questions that need answering. AND i want to listen to the soundtrack.

and for anyone slightly interested i think you should look it up. apparently not all video games are created equal, meaning this one is cool. it's got a huge dystopia/ayn rand feel to it, so you have moral decisions to make and that's how you end up with good or bad endings. so it should be pretty interesting to watch.


  1. Sounds like your boyfriend has pretty good taste in video games. If he hasn't already played it, I think he and probably you as well would enjoy the game, "Borderlands." It's got a massive campaign, you can level up, it's co-op so you can both play together and do missions and level up together! YEAH!