Monday, February 1, 2010

too true

"what i thought love was is so much less than what it is"

i saw that quote here and it just totally struck me. and when i think about it i don't necessarily think about romantic love (although that definitely comes to mind, especially when thinking about boyf). a lot of the love i feel is for friends and family. i know when i think of my nieces and nephews, it's like, there isn't anything i wouldn't do for them, that's how much i love them, it's how i think of them constantly, and they come up in conversations with people who could care less about my 4 year old nephew, or hardly know me well enough to understand why the story is so funny or adorable. that's the kind of love it is. and i definitely never expected that, or maybe i knew it was there all along but i think that the realization isn't always there and then i'm struck with it, like, when i read a quote like this. 


  1. So true, agreed. Just wait for the time when the true love love hits you like that, if it hasn't already. Crazy stuff. Out of this world stuff.

    And for what it's worth, I LOVE YOU.