Friday, January 29, 2010

spring time wants

i was so excited to get all our new spring stuff in at the crew, but once we got it and i tried it on everything, and i mean EVERYTHING i tried on made me look fat. i don't know what it was, maybe the few pounds added on at christmas but it was not good. however, there are a few things that i really really still want, but since they are just shoes they won't make me look fat, i hope.


  1. Hear me out, but I'm just going to be quite honest here. What's up with shoe #1? I mean, I know that style is "in" now, but it just looks like a shoe you'd see an old lady wearing with nude pantyhose. I am definitely one that is always "in" with the latest styles, but usually I can see what other people see, but I can't with these. Sorry.

    To make you feel not so squashed, I LOVE the shoe #2 and #3. :)