Saturday, January 9, 2010

end of winter break

Tomorrow is the last day of winter break. i have loved this break, being able to stay up late with boyf, and friends coming home for christmas, oh yeah, and christmas. but come monday it's back to early mornings, classes, and going to bed early. boo to that.

i have a really hard time with spring semester. i hate having to go back after only a few week long break, and i hate that almost all of spring semester is cold and snowy, it really shouldn't be called spring, it should be called winter, freezing semester. oh well.

also, i didn't get half of my goals accomplished for winter break. i half cleaned my room, and even though i didn't completely clean it, it is a vast improvement. i didn't even finish one of the books that i intended to read, i am almost done with one of them though. i watched a couple of the movies on my list, and i just got doubt in today, so maybe i'll get that done before monday morning.

i hope you are more excited about spring semester than i am, and that you are taking more fun classes than me. and if you are really lucky, you are done with school and don't have to deal with it anymore. boo to you.

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