Thursday, March 18, 2010

cookies everywhere!

today i am being bombarded by cookies! which is not usually bad, but i had made a resolution to start eating healthy because the last few weeks all my food intake was basically sweets. now, i have come to accept the fact that i can never live without my sweets, it just doesn't work. in the past i've been able to resist for a while but then once i have just one i go so far of the band wagon i'm no longer on any kind of wagon, more like a space ship traveling faster than the speed of light with my sweet intake. but i figure that i can cut down a tad. for example, if say my dad made cookies (which he did on sunday) i can eat two instead of five. (i'm proud to say that on sunday i only ate one) and yesterday i only had one. but today i decided it would be okay to eat two, then i go to pick up something from my mom at gap and decide to check out the new stuff that came out today at the crew, and of course on new roll-out days they get cookies for customers, so i had a big snickerdoodle, and now i'm at my other job where some girl scouts dropped off some cookies. i haven't had one yet, and i'm really trying not to but they are the yummy lemon creme center ones.

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